Joining our School

Our aim is that every child at this school will flourish. We look forward to welcoming your child to our school.

We provide an approach to learning which develops and balances both academic and social/ emotional skills and competencies. Our Positive Education/ Wellbeing programme provides not only a strong foundation for our highly regarded local curriculum but runs strongly through all aspects of our day.

We see it as our responsibility to shine the light on children’s talents, to broaden their interests, encourage passions and develop our children’s more personal qualities, to be enriched. For us to do this, we prioritise getting to  know our children very well and work closely with our committed parent community/ whānau. 

We expect our Year 6 leavers to leave us as curious, connected thinkers with a love of learning that will serve them well for the future.  Happy, connected children learn. Happy, connected staff and parents support this.

Worser Bay School is a geographically zoned school and has an Enrolment Scheme (Zone) in place.
Students living in zone on the first day of school have automatic entry into Worser Bay.  
If not, there are limited Out of Zone places available. 

These places are reviewed term by term. If you are interested or know of friends and family who are interested - please enquire

More information can be found here:

Starting School

At Worser Bay we acknowledge the importance of a successful transition to school, working with parents to create a smooth and happy start for all children. 
  • Invitation to meet with Jude, the Principal
  • Invitation to our Rising 5s 
  • 2 school visits in the 3 weeks leading to your child’s first day

  • See School Information for frequently asked questions

Meet with Jude

Jude, our Principal, meets with all parents/caregivers starting at Worser Bay. This 30 minute appointment involves a chat about the nature of the school and what’s important to us and find out what's important to you.

Rising 5s

Rising 5s supports the transition into Worser Bay School. It's a great way for us to get to know the children and families before Day 1. For up to 2 terms, 4 year olds and their parents are welcome to come to school on Wednesdays between 2.00pm and 2.45pm.

Families attending Rising 5s take part in a range of activities and meet other parents and students starting school. Children will also get to know the team of teachers who will be working with them. New entrants, already here at Worser Bay, provide leadership and support for the Rising 5s.

For further information, contact Steph Williams, the Office Manager, at

School Visits

Children will have at least 2 school visits prior to starting school. One of these visits will be in our morning session from 9.00am until Morning Tea at 11.00am. The second visit will be in the middle time slot from 11.40am to 1.00pm. Students can choose to stay on for morning tea or lunch to gain some familiarity with these routines.

Parents/caregivers must remain on site but are encouraged to leave their child in Autahi, the New Entrant space, if the child is ready at the second visit.

We encourage students to share their portfolio of prior learning from their previous education centre, if they have one, either at their school visits, at Rising 5s or on their first day.

Getting Ready for School - 4 Easy Steps

1: Pre-Enrolment

2: Rising 5s
From 2 terms before 5th birthday.
3: Pre-Visits
From 2 school weeks before 5th birthday.
4: The Big Day
Your child’s first day of school.
When your child turns 4, please pre-enrol so we know you are going to be joining the team.

You can make an appointment to meet with the principal, Jude, and learn a bit more about the school, including a walk through.
This will be an informal chat and a chance to visit the learning space, ask questions, meet teachers and to discuss your son or daughter’s strengths and needs.
These visits allow your child to become familiar with the school environment.

Pop into the office while you are here and collect an Enrolment Pack.
These visits allow your child to become familiar with the school environment.

Arrange these with one of the teachers.
School starts at 8.55 am. Bring your child to the classroom before school.

Stay until your child is settled but leave before the bell rings. Try not to prolong the ‘goodbye’ – upsets can happen but don’t last long.

Please feel free to ring if you are concerned about how your child is settling.

Many children starting school become very tired. Half days are not unusual at this stage. We will arrange them with you if you feel they are necessary.

What to bring:

  • Enrolment Form

  • Birth Certificate

  • Immunisation Records

  • Proof of Residency

As we are required to check these for New Entrant children, please bring these along to school as soon as possible for verification. These items must be sighted prior to your child’s first day at school and photocopied for our records.

What to bring:

  • A snack (if visiting in the morning)

  • A water bottle

  • Packed morning tea or lunch, if staying for these after your visit.

  • Your child’s stationery, if you have it already. The teachers will discuss this with you.

What to bring:

  • Morning tea

  • Lunch

  • a healthy snack for snack time

  • Drink bottle for water

  • Changes of clothes, if necessary

  • Stationery (if not already brought in)

Please label all your child’s clothing and belongings clearly.