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9 July 2021

posted 8 Jul 2021, 20:09 by Carolyn Brett   [ updated 8 Jul 2021, 20:09 ]
It feels like I blinked and we are at the end of the term. In reality, it was a 10 week blink but it truly feels like it’s flashed past. Someone is likely to tell me it goes faster the older you are, but I’m not listening!

It’s been a relatively smooth sea the Worser Bay School waka has sailed on this term. Weather starts to change, colours change, children are in the groove and it’s when school life tends to calm, calm in a good way. Different terms have a different feeling. In Term 2, for most of you, it’s Interim Reporting, the one-one with the Base Group teacher and the chance for a stocktake of where things are at. These meetings take some arriving at. All of the ‘data’ is pulled, discussed, moderated, reports are drafted, proofed, edited, reproofed…… which means the judgment made is from April - not exactly hot off the press! It’s a complex web we weave! In saying this, if teachers have any big concerns, you will know…. and, likewise, we are hoping this is reciprocal. I quite often hear “No! I don’t want to bother the teacher/s!” No - you are not a nuisance and we hope we aren’t either! So, please keep conversations flowing.

One of the highlights has to be the Kapa Haka Dress Rehearsal…. roll on attempt # 2 of the Celebration sometime in Term 3. Each year we have an Arts Celebration in Term 3. This year picking up more the Visual Arts learning. It’s always a highlight…. it’s looking like a term of Celebration alright! Along with this, we also have the Group Student Led Conferences. You will be hearing more about these over the term.

Next term will also be missing Scott! Scott has had a long association with our school as both teacher and parent. It is always a game of 2 halves when we farewell staff members. We are grateful for what they have contributed to the community, we are supportive in that they are moving on to something or somewhere they really want to do or be, we are hopeful that they leave ‘richer‘ than when they arrived and we are ….. going to pack a piece of Worser Bay in their bags!

Scott - I wholeheartedly thank you for your commitment over many years, your friendship and your mainly acceptable music tastes! May you keep building your strengths in all of those lovely ‘people’ qualities as you move onwards.

Må te huruhuru ka rere te manu
Adorn the bird with feathers so it may soar

To you all - thank you for your care for your tamariki and our place. Have a wonderful change of pace and soon it will be kia ora to Term 3 and all it brings.

As we head into the holidays some of you will be trying to work as well. I came across this earlier this week that may give you a fresh idea....