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8 June 2018

posted 7 Jun 2018, 18:08 by Carolyn Brett   [ updated 7 Jun 2018, 18:08 by Stephanie Williams ]
I came across an interesting article recently about what’s going on in your child’s brain when you read them a story. There are so many options these days too - whether this storytelling is with physical books, audio books, online books….. and on we go!

A recently published study by Dr John Hutton at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital discusses an apparent ‘Goldilocks effect’. Some types of storytelling may be too cold, some too hot and some - actually just right! In this study, the 27 children underwent brain scanning whilst the different types of stories were shared. The MRI scanned for activation within certain brain networks and the connectivity between the networks. Although this is one study and a class size of children, I do think it’s interesting to see what the researchers found:

Audio only - too cold
Animation - too hot
Illustration - Just right!

The children’s understanding was ‘scaffolded’ by having the images as clues. 

There is also the emotional bonding that happens when you are reading a book, especially a picture book with young and not so young children. We have a great range of what is known as ‘sophisticated' picture books for older children available in our Library too.

If you can’t find the time to read with your child/ren as often as you would like and if you are relying on electronic devices for young children, this research suggests moving toward a more minimal version of a narrated, illustrated ebook as opposed to audio only or animation. So, a small study - but interesting food for thought all the same!

This week some of you will have attended the Progress Meeting with your child’s base group teacher. At this meeting, you will have been asked to provide some feedback as to how the 4 different sessions (1 Goal Setting and 1 Student Led Conference, 1 Interim Progress Meeting and 1 Final Progress Meeting + ongoing Seesaw) over the year give you a good well rounded picture of whole child progress and achievement and if there is anything else you would like us to consider. We will collate this information and feed it back into our review cycle. 

If you are going for a jig at the Ceilidh this weekend, have fun and you will be guaranteed a warm glow on the inside and the out! Thank you so much to the organising team who are keen for our parent community and friends to have some fun and fun-d-raise at the same time!