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7 September 2018

posted 6 Sept 2018, 20:08 by Carolyn Brett   [ updated 6 Sept 2018, 20:08 by Stephanie Williams ]
I came across an interesting article a couple of weeks back titled 'PE, but not as you remember it'.

It resonated - we are so keen to get our children moving......... moving more! 

Now that spring is officially here, it is a perfect time to initiate some new regimes or reinforce existing ones. Whilst we often hear the older generations lamenting about the breakdown of the family chat and general exercise due to the invention of the television - it's a similar conversation now - but one about multiple screens. 

There is often debate about the wider effects of screen time on children and young people.

"Many of the concerns around screen use relate to sedentary (or inactive) behaviour. The idea being that time spent in front a screen is time that is not spent exercising or doing other forms of physical activity. Sedentary behaviour may be associated with poorer physical health, wellbeing and mental health and some research has connected screen use to increased sedentary behaviour in children.....

There are also concerns that the use of screens can impact children and young people's sleep, something that is important to both physical and mental health and wellbeing. Indeed, there is evidence to suggest that the use of screens at bedtime is linked to children having fewer hours of sleep, poorer sleep quality, and increased tiredness." 

The whole article can be found here.

Last week I was at a meeting .... yes, it was long and getting rather boring, BUT I couldn't help but look around the room and notice that the majority of my colleagues, including myself, were either overtly or covertly checking emails or texting.

"Stop it, Jude .......... be a role model!" I screamed internally. 

Please help us in our plight to provide the conditions and opportunities for healthy, active children to grow up into healthy, active adults and don't entertain couch potatoes! (Only for small periods of time at least!)

Tama tu tama ora, tama noho tama mate