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7 December 2018

posted 6 Dec 2018, 13:53 by Carolyn Brett   [ updated 6 Dec 2018, 13:53 by Stephanie Williams ]
Here we are at the final 'full Newsletter' for 2018! You can anticipate a page of important dates and any last minute information next Friday.

These last couple of weeks are a bit of a whirl - with so much action on all fronts going on. I do think when a teacher comes here, the advertisement must scream in lights and loud hailers "overachievers only". I thank them for making sure they do the very best they can for our very fortunate children. If they haven't been squashed into a small space chatting with you about your child's progress, they have been donning wetsuits, cycling, getting out into the community, adventuring into the bush, at Capital E, at the City Gallery, building, painting, analysing data, meeting with the Board, organising Poetry evenings, pool trips, picnics, helping Year 6s with speeches and dinner organisation, sorting transition days and finalising all the planning for 2019, working on other secret things that you will find out about at the Wrap... (just saying!). I will have missed some things out for sure - it's been so full!

This couldn't happen with our fantastic Office staff for they are often the brain power behind the scenes, connecting dots, communicating far and wide, and getting all the information to the right people at the right time. Their heads are in piles of paper, figures, graphs, plans, names, lists, documents, timelines, calendars, payments... they are awash with information!

Christine, our Librarian, works Fridays.... or so she is meant to. Christine goes the extra mile whenever she can, and can often be seen dashing in and out on days that certainly aren't called Friday - just because she wants to.

Our Teacher Aides are supporting our children in the classroom, in the playground, socially, emotionally, physically and academically - focussing on the whole child. They have to be flexible, creative and care a good deal.

This week it's an ode to our staff. 

What they can achieve in terms of moving children along academically has been incredible this year! 40% of our target students made accelerated progress. This means that these target students' learning and progress show a noticeably faster movement towards NZ Curriculum expectations. You can look forward to our full report against curriculum levels in Reading, Writing and Maths in February - it's impressive! More than that - they inject fun in learning, are hugely focussed on their own growth and development, smart and creative... happy to model 'mistakes grow your brain' and support each other hugely.

“Appreciation is a wonderful thing. It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.” -Voltaire

Thank you to the Worser Bay Staff. You make me smile (most days!). Please take plenty of  time out to stargaze after the 18th!