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6 September 2019

posted 5 Sept 2019, 15:13 by Carolyn Brett   [ updated 5 Sept 2019, 15:13 by Stephanie Williams ]
Awe.... it's an interesting word!

I have some writing from some of our senior students on the wall in my office describing what they think awe is. I was impressed by it as it can be one of those difficult concepts to get your head around. It's interesting though as it's come up in a number of readings and different learning I've been doing recently. This word - small - but seemingly powerful!

Awe is so very closely related to inspiration and happens when you come across something so much greater than yourself. It makes you feel small and humble in comparison. Often, it’s connected to nature. How lucky are we then to be able to witness this every day we enter the gates of Whetukairangi! I’m trying my hardest to get the children to notice and breathe in what’s surrounding them...... it’s a mission!

According to Barbara Frederickson, one of the leading researchers on positivity, awe is one of the big 10 forms of positivity along with joy, gratitude, serenity, inspiration, hope, pride, amusement and love. Positivity opens us..... our hearts and our minds.... and it’s good for our health. We have to be realistic and we can’t run around in Pollyanna-ville but we can certainly have power to grow all of these qualities within ourself and our children. 

At the Parent Workshop on 18 September at 6.45pm, we will give you a snapshot of the type of learning that happens  in our Wellbeing/Positive Education programmes. The main focus will be on positive health, positive relationships and positive emotions......... will be great to hear what you already might do at home, too, to support the social and emotional side of learning.

Now, speaking of inspiration....., did you see this in the paper recently?

Should we bring it back?!