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6 December 2019

posted 5 Dec 2019, 17:30 by Carolyn Brett   [ updated 5 Dec 2019, 17:30 by Stephanie Williams ]
Last Friday at the Year 6 Assembly, I shared the story of Winnie the Pooh and his friend Eeyore. Pooh says to Eeyore:

"You can't wait in the corner of the forest waiting for people to come to you, you have to go to them sometimes."

I was attempting to illustrate how things don't tend to just fall in your lap ....... you have to make the most of opportunities and give them a go.
I had noticed the word opportunities in pretty heavy rotation in the Year 6 speeches to date. (I will have to wait until after the Poroaki to hear today's 'batch'!)

It was fortuitous that before last Friday's Assembly we had received a lovely email from a previous student who had found out the evening before that she was to be Head Girl at her secondary school for 2020. She immediately thought to email to thank us for all of the inspiration and opportunities she had during her primary years at Worser Bay School. She went out of her corner of the forest in the juniors and obviously has continued to do so since. 

The old adage I often refer to 'children are like popcorn, they pop at different times' continues to be reinforced year on year when I hear stories about what children are up to now - and, hey, I'm talking since my first class in 1987! (Don't do the Maths!) It's my hope that with every child who enters our gates we have sown 'seeds of greatness' in all sorts of ways. It will never be the same way. 

Secondary Schools have been awash with prize givings and the like. In the last few weeks, I have heard of WBS children being recognised as academic scholars, talented sports people, outstanding musicians, actors and artists, orators....... not all children are awarded the big prizes but I sure hope they all have been more Winnie the Pooh than Eeyore.

We have less than 2 full weeks of the school year to go now....... but, in the meantime, I will end with a bit more of Winnie!

"What day is it?" 
"Today" said Piglet.
" Ah" said Pooh "my favourite day."