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3 August 2018

posted 9 Aug 2018, 14:53 by Carolyn Brett   [ updated 9 Aug 2018, 14:53 by Stephanie Williams ]
My musical journey started with the recorder, as it often does! From here I moved onto a fancy melodica - the small 'piano' with a windy tube that you blow through - so 1970s! Then I upgraded to the violin - this was an instrument that I never bonded with. It may have had something to do with having to leave the house at 7.15 am on cold winter mornings with the violin strapped to the carrier of my imitation Raleigh Twenty (that's another story!) to get to the lessons at the Intermediate I went to...... and I do vividly recall accidentally banging into many parked cars.... often.... on the way - the violin case was wider than I was used to!

These were all of the instruments I played over my career in the school orchestra. The violin managed to get me on an exchange trip to the big city of Wellington. I also have a vivid memory of knocking more than one music stand down and papers flying everywhere at the final concert of the trip at Raroa Intermediate and getting a complete dressing down - yes, in public!  Oh, the humiliation of it all!

Then there was the piano. I started piano lessons at primary school and learned all the way through to finishing high school. A stint of guitar lessons over this time with the neighbour was relatively short lived - he was pretty stuck on the House of the Rising Sun and anything by Neil Diamond!

I started relearning the piano a few years ago. I hadn't touched it really since high school. I find it the perfect balance of being challenging but not too hard, it gets the positive emotions rolling and I think I really am in that state of flow and can't think of anything else at that time. 

I feel very fortunate that I had the opportunity to be introduced to music young.

How great it was to meet with an enthusiastic and passionate parent last week who is very keen to get a few other musical parents together and help us to get a school orchestra, in some shape or form, off the ground. 

Drumming lessons are in full swing as we lead up to our Arts Celebration the evenings of 22 and 23 August and music is most certainly in the air (daily!) Music is also something your community feedback for the strategic plan came through loud and clear as wanting "more of, please". 

The time is nigh. Let's do something about this and expose all of our children to the beauty that music can provide. We know about the link to Maths achievement, emotional wellbeing and....... many positive outcomes.

"Let the wild rumpus begin!" (Where the Wild Things are!)