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31 August 2018

posted 30 Aug 2018, 19:08 by Carolyn Brett   [ updated 30 Aug 2018, 19:08 by Stephanie Williams ]
A different type of 'normality' reigns post Arts Celebration week! 

What we witnessed was a true celebration of Inquiry learning through the Arts. Our Inquiry model can be found in our localised Curriculum Document and it's a document we are really proud of and it doesn't sit on the shelf collecting dust!

You may have noticed some similar themes coming through the Celebration of Learning - many picking up on the theme of Kaitiakitanga / Guardians of our Land. Which is wonderful as it's also the theme for the upcoming School Fair and the Fair poster looks terrific - look out for it coming your way soon!

When we reflect on all of the learning that went into the 2 evenings of performance, we can also see many nods to all of the facets of our Positive Education Model:
  • Positive Health - tick
  • Positive Purpose - tick
  • Positive Accomplishment - tick
  • Positive Relationships - tick
  • Positive Emotion - tick
And, underpinning this, the opportunity for children to let their Character Strengths get some exercise! 

This focus on wellbeing has never been so important. I feel incredibly fortunate to have got heavily involved in this work some years ago and have been able to lead a willing team to embed this deeply into the fabric of the school. There is no room for a 'nice idea' or a 'maybe, if we have time'. You will have heard of our recent Mental Health statistics in this country - the focus on wellbeing and mental health in primary schools is an absolute necessity. 

In the brand new series which started last weekend, "The Curious Mind", Nigel Latta examines the big question "What is your brain?" I think it could be a good watch. The more we understand, the better support we adults can provide our little people so that they have every chance of flourishing. 

I'm sure we will be popping some brain 'stuff' into the Parent Workshop on Maths at 6.00pm to 7.15pm on Thursday 20 September. Come along!