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30 November 2018

posted 29 Nov 2018, 18:04 by Carolyn Brett   [ updated 29 Nov 2018, 18:04 by Stephanie Williams ]
We had such a hilarious time last Friday at 'Worser Bay's Got Talent' show!

I was so thrilled to especially see some of our very young ones up there dancing, performing magic tricks, playing instruments......... with so much confidence! Student led without a doubt! Our senior students organised and ran the whole thing with aplomb! Give these children the opportunity and the waypower and they can totally deliver!

This is an aspect of this school that we treasure. Although our Year 6s have particular expectations on them as the biggest (and wisest!), all of our seniors have council roles, our juniors and seniors are whānau buddies for Rising 5s and a child of any age can lead Assembly. Leadership comes in many shapes and forms - leadership of paper recycling, leadership of gardens, leadership of sports' tournaments, leadership of games, leadership of playtime activities, leadership of lunches........ you name it, they do it! 

I am constantly told of the leadership our WBS children show well past their time here - at Intermediate, at Secondary... onto wherever life takes them. The most important thing, however, I would hope we instil is, first and foremost, leadership of self for "Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power.” Lao Tzu

One of our biggest responsibilities is leadership shown on road patrol - the crossing of our people safely to the other side! We need your help with this as well - as you know we are situated on a corner site, with fabulous views and all the rest, BUT surrounded by dangerous roads and some very dodgy drivers. If road patrollers are not out for some reason (and our aim is that they/teachers are there), please make sure your child crosses safely and doesn't bolt out of the car door without looking and listening. 

Today was our final Assembly for 2018 and our next big opportunity to get together and witness some great self leadership is the WRAP as we have a sing along and listen to our Year 6s as they say their "Farewell Speech" to their community. It's such a great opportunity to share and celebrate the year together.

Bring your picnic and a cushion to sit on in the courtyard (better be a nice evening - no wind and a bit of sun, thanks!).

Hope it's diaried! Thursday 13 December from 5.30pm to 7pm.