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2 November 2018

posted 1 Nov 2018, 19:30 by Carolyn Brett   [ updated 1 Nov 2018, 19:30 by Stephanie Williams ]
Last week I discussed the use and often overuse of technology in our lives. Although you will have differing expectations, some of you may be struggling in this area. Some years ago, one of our very tech-minded parents provided this list of their 'rules' which you may find useful.

Tech Rules - Parent to Parent

1: Laptop, etc, where you can see it + Key passwords with us
We are the parents, we don't let them leave the house on their own and so we don't let them wander around the Internet on their own.
2: Know the neighbourhoods they are visiting
We give them free access to the WBS known systems.
We give them access to the ones we are comfortable with.
("A home" + "their mate's place")
We get them to explain why for new stuff - "Because my mate is on it" is now known as a
("new part of town")
3: Screen time is screen time
TV + PC + mobile = the same thing.
Can do it any where, any time - yay OR boo! It's our job to manage it.
4: Keep safe, what does that mean online
"On the Internet no-one knows you're a dog"
Never EVER pass on your own name, address (Wellington), age or Parents bank account details.
AND never tell anyone the same about anyone you know (siblings, parents, family, friends ... anyone)
The key is what they do at their mate's house, not in yours.
5: Creative place 
Not just consumers but make it do what they want.
Blog, write, photo, video - the tools are there.

Here is another interesting article on moderation for children: "What screen time can really do to kids brains".

There was plenty of opportunity to contribute to being the kaitiaki of 'our place' and get a bit of physical and social activity happening last Sunday.

Thank you so much to the parents and children who came to the Working Bee and really got stuck in! You achieved so much in such a short period of time and the school will be looking on its way to being 'shiny' for the upcoming Fair! The Fair signs look terrific and are planted very strategically all around the place! I had a huge smile when I saw one venturing into almost...... Oriental Bay - our reach extends widely! There are still a few jobs to finish off. If you're interested in helping out, please get in touch with Dana Carter on 021 526 053. 

In anticipation of a big week before the grand finale on Sunday 11 November....... it will be the culmination of many conversations, physical toil, brainpower, connections....... and just plain hard work for a very mighty cause - our WBS kids!

Please make sure you also have the Chocolate Fish diaried for the following Friday! It's the annual Board "Thank You" to the community for all the hard work in fundraising - please come along 5pm - 6.30pm - Shelly Bay.