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29 March 2018

posted 27 Mar 2018, 19:01 by Carolyn Brett   [ updated 27 Mar 2018, 19:01 by Stephanie Williams ]
Last week I was asked to visit a base group at a particular time..... I knew something was up!

As well as a very large group hug, I was presented with a book of thanks to the staff. Each child had contributed a page as a 'random act of kindness'. Here's a snippet from the crew:

".....arranging fun and happy things....."
"I realise you use all your effort teaching us in an interesting way..."
"We will support you...... you have made us full of fun and joy..."
"Thank you for giving people rewards for being themselves"
"Thank you for all the plasters and advice"
"....for being a  good person..."
"...everyone being so friendly and kind to the environment and other people"
"....we know it's hard work...."

We so appreciated the effort and also the thoughtfulness. There is depth and understanding of what we aim for. 

Additionally, we received an email from a parent this week whose whānau are leaving Wellington ....

... we are going to miss Worser Bay School terribly. We enjoyed an incredible connection with the school community and will never forget the wonderful opportunities the children have had to grow, develop, learn and thrive under your care. 

What an amazing journey it has been .....- I really believe the kids have developed a great love of learning  ........seriously positive learning mojo.... healthy dose of Worser Bay style ako....!

So for us, as a staff...... it's one of those magical moments when we see all the 'stuff' behind the scenes celebrated like this.

You have to be real, it's not all rainbows and glitter - now that's where the word resilience comes in, I'll leave that for another time!