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28 August 2020

posted 27 Aug 2020, 20:24 by Carolyn Brett
As much as we attempt to integrate curriculum areas, we also need to pull them apart behind the scenes to ensure there is adequate 'coverage' of different concepts by the end of the 6 years at Primary School. It's a delicate balance of responding to interests of children and also doing what we need to!

Each year we also set out to review a number of learning areas outside of Maths, Reading and Writing. This year, it's Health and PE (which also ties in so closely to our Positive Education programme) and also the Science Curriculum. Off the top of my head, I can give a solid large tick to many aspects, but not all, and these are the pieces we need to highlight and make sure we respond to in our 2021 planning. We cannot do dinosaurs or the Rocky Shore forever, people! Yes, dinosaurs may be of high interest to many tamariki and, in terms of a local curriculum, we are situated close to the rocky shore.... however, we need to continually check on the 'knowledge building' aspects of our programme.

Whilst we knew that many aspects of the Sexuality Education programme was covered within our Positive Education Programme, Bounceback, we needed to make sure that all aspects were being paid attention. We didn't - not ALL aspects. Hence the recent Professional Learning for teachers from the Family Planning Association and the whānau consultation on Wednesday. 

Thank you for coming and the positive affirmations about the content and inclusive nature of the material. Fun ahead for staff and students alike!

Please - if you  have further questions about the content, contact John. The more that we are all on the same page and reading a similar font size, the better for the children!

Please find further information on the programme in this week's Newsletter.