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27 September 2019

posted 26 Sept 2019, 15:50 by Carolyn Brett   [ updated 26 Sept 2019, 15:51 by Stephanie Williams ]
We have arrived at the top of the peak! The final school day of Term 3!

I have spent some time recently looking through the Student Blogs, revisiting the Teacher’s Professional Learning Blog, reviewing our Annual Plans and Forecasting for 2020..... and I’m excited!

At this time of year, I find myself pretty much transplanted into the future, but there is plenty of water to flow under that final term bridge before then. Teachers will be full into final report writing over the next wee while. If you have been here for a few years, you will have noticed how much the reporting has changed over time. We now celebrate the whole child in person and on paper...... AND I now need to get my poets to cut to the chase and grow to love bullet points, as the amount of time per report is too extreme. (I hope they follow instructions!)

Term 4 also means sunhats, sunhats, sunhats..... please check out our policy here. We have a responsibility that is difficult to implement if the hat is not packed. There will also be a big focus on getting into nature, lots of out and about and learning outside of the walls, getting sand between the toes and, hopefully, only the hint of a breeze on the face! A habit requires repetition.... so a "pack your hat, pack your hat" mantra may be required!!

The School Fair is knocking on our door....... with all things revving towards Sunday 10 November. Please also diary the following Friday 15 November - this is the ritual following the Fair where the Board of Trustees puts on a few nibbles down at the Chocolate Fish in Shelley Bay to acknowledge all the help the parent community have given over the year. Adults can chat and kids can go off and play = perfect!

Have a great couple of weeks and see you with hats and bells on in Term 4.