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24 April 2020

posted 23 Apr 2020, 17:41 by Carolyn Brett   [ updated 23 Apr 2020, 17:41 by Stephanie Williams ]
Over the last couple of weeks, 2 childhood memories have been in my head.

The first - The story of Chicken Licken who ran around madly from person to person ... Henny Penny, Foxy Loxy, Goosey Loosey and friends (who were actually just other members of the fowl community!) asking them for an answer as to if the sky was falling down. If I recall correctly - it was just raining!

The second - My younger brother at 'Cubs' (like Scouts) and the 'Akela' (leader) saying "cubs do your best" and the cubs all responding in unison "Yes, Akela, we will do our best!" Or something similar!

Figuring out what we are doing in schools right now has been a beautiful combination of these 2 memories!

From the feedback we have received from you, our parent community, it is clear that you are very appreciative of the teachers and support staff who have just got 'stuck in and got on with it', as we have all been of your sterling efforts on the home front. We also understand that, for some of you, it's been just too difficult to provide much time for home learning - that's OK - don't worry at all.... it will all sort itself out. As I said, this is an emergency response, not something well thought through and planned for over time.

All that really matters right now is that we have a strong, healthy community back at home base, on Whetūkairangi soil, before too long.

We will continue to put our best foot forward and, no, Chicken Licken, the sky is not falling down. We are all good!

Have a great long weekend. Remember, Anzac Day holiday on Monday and, although theoretically a Staff Only Day on Tuesday, our team will send the plans on Tuesday as a thanks for keeping the children home.