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22 June 2018

posted 21 Jun 2018, 16:58 by Stephanie Williams   [ updated 21 Jun 2018, 16:58 ]
"New Zealanders know little about Asia" was the conclusion of a ‘recent perceptions about Asia’ survey conducted by the Asia New Zealand Foundation. 

This was quite a news item as the Foundation has been working with schools "helping to equip young New Zealanders to  to thrive in Asia" 

To read more about the survey - follow the link:  Perceptions of Asia Survey

With our programmes we try and find opportunities to connect learning to other peoples and places. This may be at a local, regional, national or global level. Asia being one of the focal areas. 

This also aligns with our big strategic goals of:
  • Educating for the future
  • Providing rich and powerful learning opportunities
  • Connecting learners
.......along with the cultural responsiveness, sustainability of people and place and our inquiry based approach to learning aspects of school direction.

Some years ago I went with a Principal's Delegation to China through the Confucius Institute, more recently Nicola was supported by the Asia New Zealand Foundation to travel to Singapore on a study tour with other NZ educators. It's been a deliberate choice on our part to be connected and current with this work as when we look at the statistics and where our young people are working and living, it is highly likely that Asia will feature in some way shape or form. 

Like the recent survey, a NZ Herald article in 2017 headlined " Nine in 10 Kiwi school leavers are not equipped to engage with Asia".

This massive chunk of the of the world, Asia, is something we must keep relevant and alive for our children so that it won't be a mystery here on our island at the bottom of the world and we won't be closing any doors to opportunity.

Any ideas please chat with your child's base group teacher, let's keep moving forward.