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21 September 2018

posted 20 Sept 2018, 16:52 by Carolyn Brett   [ updated 20 Sept 2018, 16:52 by Stephanie Williams ]
At our last formal parent/teacher communication with you about your child's progress and achievement at mid year, you also received a written report. Again, later in Term 4 teachers will meet  with you about your child's 'End of Year Progress and Achievement' and you will also receive a written report. 

These 2 sessions, combined with the recent SLCs and the Goal Setting Meeting at the start of year, along with real time Seesaw communication, plus the teacher to student postcard, are all the pieces of the formal 'knowing what and how your child is doing at school' jigsaw. Multi-faceted with many angles.

At the mid year communication point, we sought your feedback. Thank you for your thoughtful responses. We have taken some time to go through the feedback and have some actions going forward.

In terms of the final written report, you can expect some minor tweaks in Term 4. We will also be directing you to websites that give a good range of explicit ideas on how to help at home.

Looking ahead to 2019, you can anticipate the design looking different, with the content being more representative of our whole child philosophy and still providing clarity about how your child is progressing against curriculum levels in the '3 Rs'.

Some of you mentioned feeling unclear about how best to contribute to goal setting. Goal setting is not an easy process...... as many of you will know from your own lives. This is an area we will work on as a teaching team to make sure we can provide greater clarity and support as it's also extremely important! 

Not only is "I am a goal setter" one of our learner attributes, in terms of Positive Education - having an achievable but slightly challenging goal, a purpose.... and striving towards it... provides a sense of accomplishment once you have arrived.

No matter how big and audacious or small, steps towards the goal need to be celebrated! As adults in the children's lives, our language, our positive attitude and our role modelling is paramount. 

Well know Australian Professor, Lea Waters, has great stuff to say about positive strength based parenting. I highly recommend her work