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20 September 2019

posted 19 Sept 2019, 17:16 by Carolyn Brett   [ updated 19 Sept 2019, 17:16 by Stephanie Williams ]
I spent much of the 90s in living in London and South Eastern Turkey. The theme for tonight’s Disco has had me taking a trip down memory lane.... quite some memories! Quite a lot of shoe gazing!

This is the Disco that I could have easily just opened my wardrobe and possibly selected from an array, rather than the “Suuuzaaaaannneee..... what shall I wear?”

I’m sure you will have a great time tonight, also having a spot of reminiscing! Unfortunately, I won’t be boogying down as I’m out of Wellington. Thanks in advance to the host of parents and the staff supporting this to happen.

One more week of the term and then a chance to have a wee refresh before we put the pedal down flat for the final term of the year. The Fair is looming close on the horizon now and it’s a fantastic time to mix and mingle, contribute and maybe undertake some ‘service learning’ (as we call it within our curriculum).

For those of you who could make the Parent Workshop on Wednesday evening, you would have had a very brief introduction to our Flourish Model. When you say "yes" to the call for the Sausage roster, Pizza crew, Disco helpers, ParentNet team, Board, Fair team and helpers, School Trips, Sports Coaches/Managers, Team Ukulele and Orchestra, helping in class, gardens... whatever it is.... you are right in there ticking off some Positive Purpose, Positive Engagement, Positive Relationships, hopefully Positive Emotions (!)..... and maybe even Positive Health. When things get a bit much, time is tight and it’s another thing on the list, maybe a reframe and a reminder of the personal benefits, the opportunity to dial up your own wellbeing may win out.
So, to all our many parent volunteers, on behalf of myself and the staff, we wholeheartedly thank you. As I said at the mihi whakatau last week, there is beauty in the AND. You AND Us = we.

Give an extra hip jiggle for me tonight, please!