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19 October 2018

posted 18 Oct 2018, 18:32 by Carolyn Brett   [ updated 18 Oct 2018, 18:32 by Stephanie Williams ]
Welcome to Term 4 and all the plans and happenings!

Over the holidays, the teachers have been working on the children's End of Year Reports (Autahi is on a slightly different cycle). These reports will be the same format as the Mid Year Reports. Having the opportunity for change, and after considering your feedback, we will be changing things up a notch in terms of the format and what we are reporting on in 2019. You will still receive clarity around where your child sits against expected curriculum levels in the 'basics' and, equally importantly, what they are achieving in so many more ways. You can expect to meet with the teachers in Weeks 7 and 8 (26 November to 7 December) and please watch the Newsletter for when the bookings open.

In this final term, we also focus on transition into new 2019 spaces. This means teachers are observing the children, the dynamics, understanding their learning progress and strategies that work/don't work for them and basically putting thought into the learning design for them. It's very much a term of head in 2 places (or 2 heads may be more useful!)!

Also in the holidays, we had Ximena and Nicola presenting at the biggest National Education Conference in our fair land - uLearn. 

They received such positive feedback about our work and thinking. We can be really proud of them. I especially want to recognise the energy and commitment they have for advancing our thinking about Mathematics. In fact, learning and good 'modern' practice in general.

This week we also had our new kapa haka teacher start! Every Thursday morning for an hour, Henare Parata will be here working with our children and staff. This is really great news as we have been on the hunt for a while! I witnessed his expertise first hand at another Wellington school and thought "we need some of that too, please"! He is very much in demand, but had a small space for us - this is exciting for us and fits our goals beautifully.

When we think about all that kapa haka involves, we also tick many of our Positive Education boxes - positive emotions, relationships, health, accomplishment..... it's so interwoven PLUS we are providing a greater insight into Te Ao and Te Reo Māori. If you are newer to the country and are unsure what kapa haka is, here is a resource that may be of interest.

There is plenty of community action happening too with the upcoming Working Bee on Sunday 28 October from 1pm to 4pm, and then, of course, the biggest fundraising event of the year - The School Fair!

Without all the hard work of all of you, in a decile 10 school which doesn't receive much Government funding like ours, we couldn't have kapa haka, we couldn't keep our teaching staff up to date and well supported, we couldn't send 3 of our staff off to uLearn and we couldn't improve our senior spaces (that happened over the holidays too). Check them out - very light and airy!