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17 May 2019

posted 16 May 2019, 17:30 by Carolyn Brett   [ updated 16 May 2019, 17:30 by Stephanie Williams ]
Feedback from the parents who made it to the Parent Workshop on Inquiry Learning was really positive. They experienced an almost 'painful to watch' short clip of Toto the Turtle attempting to turn themselves over. We were all so tempted to jump into the screen and just flip it to get the agonising wait out of the way. Such is the frantic pace of our lives, so we can go 'tick' and onto the next task so often. Well at the evening, dear ol' Toto was likened to what we often experience with children.... it takes time, it can be frustrating but, with some perseverance and patience, we can witness Toto doing things for himself or herself!

Kath Murdoch is a well known Inquiry 'guru' with many of us looking at her material for inspiration, research and  away forward. Kath wrote a piece about the 'Art of Inquiry'. In this, she illustrates 10 practices of the Inquiry teacher and let's think of a 'teacher' at home too.
  1. Cultivate curiosity - provoke, model and value curiosity
  2. Question - good questions are at the heart of Inquiry
  3. Connect - help children see connections across learning areas and between school and outside of school
  4. Release - Learners have to do most of the work!
  5. Keep it real - keep purpose and authenticity at the forefront 
  6. Notice - Observe, notice, reflect, respond
  7. Grow learning assets - value the process of learning - be a researcher, a thinker, a self manager, a communicator and a collaborator
  8. Play - understand the power of purposeful play
  9. Think big - keep your eye on the bigger picture
  10. Get personal - get inside the lives and passions of the learners
As I said at the start of the Parent Evening, this approach just seems so much more complex and interesting than my many elaborate cover pages and copied words from the blackboard in days past! You can find out a lot more information from the Blogs. If you look hard enough in one of the presentations, you will even see poor Toto!

When you have your Progress Meetings with your child's base teacher later this term, you will also hear more about Inquiry and how your child/ren is/are responding to the learning. This will also be a great opportunity to ask any further questions about that area that really encapsulates all the competencies, links strongly to Reading, Writing, Maths achievement and Positive Education. But, first, I really recommend you digest the Blogs if you couldn't make the evening and are keen to support at home.

Hope you have your outfit sorted for the Slumber Party Disco tonight! Thanks in advance to our Mr Disco Maker and the staff and parents there working to make it happen.