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16 August 2019

posted 15 Aug 2019, 15:55 by Carolyn Brett   [ updated 15 Aug 2019, 15:55 by Stephanie Williams ]
Over the first holidays this year, we hosted a Positive Education Conference here. Obviously, this wasn't enough to satisfy the holiday break appetite of some of our staff .... as last holidays we hosted a Maths Workshop. This was a big success and was attended by over 30 Principals and teachers. The 'we' instigating and leading our Math's world go by the names of Ximena and Nicola! 

Four years ago, Ximena undertook some professional learning around 'Mathematical Mindsets' and it has revolutionised her practice. She found a like minded learner in Nicola and from there these 2 have led workshops at National Conferences, are always inundated by teachers from other schools requesting visits to observe and learn, are taking Professional Learning sessions at our own and other schools. The commitment is huge and the passion big. When I chatted to Ximena, she explained that she wished to celebrate the 4th anniversary of her 'wow' moment by giving back to others as part of living the Positive Education principle of 'Positive Purpose'.

Why Positive Purpose? 
People will flourish when they believe and serve things greater than themselves and when they frequently engage in behaviours that help others. All of you that work hard behind the scenes, whether it be in class, fundraising, governance, communication/linking/networking, are certainly demonstrating this altruism and kindness. We want to help our children to engage in these behaviours too.... and, in fact, this service to others may help them develop lifelong patterns of making positive contributions to the community. It's more than feeling good...... it's about others.

So we can see how the work that Ximena and Nicola are doing is helping our children, our staff, our colleagues, their schools, their children and allowing them with a chance to grasp a bit of the 'flourish'! It's a nice reframing exercise next time the schedule all seems a little too much - this contributing - I think!

Not too far away now, teachers will be collating school-wide Maths data, analysing this and reporting against the annual targets by year end. This will be informing the where to next in 2020.  Based on 2018 end of year data, the Maths targets in 2019 are:
  • To accelerate the progress of all children at risk of underachievement in Maths against curriculum expectations.
  • To maintain the rate of progress for students already meeting or exceeding curriculum expectations.
Below these big targets, there are groups and names and graphs and plans and conversations and more plans and assessment and... and... and... all in the name of 'shift'!

Thanks, Ximena and Nicola, for leading the Maths charge with such verve! It's a beautiful thing as "The book of nature is written in the language of Mathematic” -Galileo