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16 April 2021

posted 15 Apr 2021, 19:32 by Carolyn Brett
Term 1 started...... and then it's over, like the two buns in a burger but filled with plenty of colour, taste and texture to suit the full range of appetites!

For the first time ever, we took a punt on what may be a fun way to celebrate having our school back and keeping learning at the centre. We did it! What we achieved was way beyond expectation - a vision was decided, we had a strategy, troops were rallied and it was a massive success. We were also able to fundraise $9500 which is truly the cherry on top!

This year, we embrace a general theme of creativity. We are really wanting to dial up our entire Arts Curriculum. We know that The Arts can be a fantastic medium for which to express thoughts and emotions and there is such a strong link between The Arts and positive emotion.

We survey our Year 5 & 6 students every year using the EPOCH tool. We noticed a dip last year in terms of the O in EPOCH (Optimism). As Optimism has such strong links to Resilience, we are deliberately having Optimism as another thread this year. You may be noticing this coming your way through Seesaw, the Class Blogs and the like.
What about Assemblies? There is certainly plenty of opportunity to experience positive emotion in bucket loads on a number of Friday mornings at our place! Please look out for all of the dates for Term 2 Assemblies in the Newsletter and the Calendar on the website.

We know that there is a positive relationship between wellbeing and academic achievement. We want our younger (and older people!) to do good, feel good and have every chance of experiencing success in all realms. Research will tell us that this can take up to ten years before this work is truly embedded in a school. We have been solidly working away for about six years now..... there is plenty still to do!

The staff would love to work even more closely with you to have home and school united in this quest (the 2 buns!) and the children continuing to experience a colourful, rich and character building primary school education. Watch this space.

Have a great 2 weeks and we will see you back for Round 2 soon!