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14 June 2019

posted 13 Jun 2019, 19:02 by Carolyn Brett   [ updated 13 Jun 2019, 19:03 by Stephanie Williams ]
We say the ‘whole child’ is at the heart of our curriculum. We write that the ‘whole child is at the heart of our curriculum”. Often these are empty promises… Not at our place, that I can guarantee.

I think that the child must have always been at the core of WBS philosophy, well before my time. We sit proudly on the very front cover of ‘Open School House’ - Environments for children in New Zealand, published in 1980, where it was all about open spaces, open hearts and open minds. The architect, Gerald Melling, deliberately created a school for small(er) people. Try taking anyone much over 6 foot around the school and this will be easily proven. They duck and they dive. Yes - our school was built for children.

We hope that in the recent ‘reports’ this focus on the whole child is magnified. Although feedback from the previous template in 2018 was overwhelmingly positive and you, the parent community, felt that we celebrated the whole child well in writing…. the staff feedback was that we wanted to be even more explicit in our communication with you about progress in all areas Social/Emotional, Academic and Physical. Sharing our Positive Education and Inquiry models in graphic form may also hopefully help with context.

As you can imagine, it’s quite a task for the teachers and Carolyn Brett, who supports with styling/editing during this process. This happens twice a year. It takes weeks and weeks of discussion, sharing, moderating teacher judgments in Reading, Writing and Maths and really getting into thinking deeply about each child as an individual….. what strengths they bring, what next steps they have.

So, in gratitude to our teachers and Carolyn, .... it’s been big and bold but the word ‘mediocre’ isn’t in our WBS dictionary. In saying that, we really need to appreciate what sits inside and behind the final ‘piece of paper’.