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14 August 2020

posted 13 Aug 2020, 17:23 by Carolyn Brett   [ updated 13 Aug 2020, 17:23 by Stephanie Williams ]
In the ‘olden days’ ..... circa 1987, amidst my asymmetrical haircut, massive earrings and pastel hues, I fell in love with teaching Art. It was my first year teaching, I had juniors and, in those days, things felt a little ‘looser’. When we weren’t doing ‘Donald Graves' writing process’ (children just wrote and wrote and wrote without much teacher intervention at all) or teaching Maths with BSM (Beginning School Mathematics), bags and bags of intricate materials which got cross pollinated and was totally headache inducing....., studying ‘the rocky shore’ (I taught close to yet another rocky shore!), banging drums, dancing, listening to stories over the intercom system...... I was teaching Art, Art or Art. We had money for beautiful art equipment, textured paint of every colour palette and these wonderful Arts' advisors existed. We had local ‘Education Boards’ - a far more expensive model than ‘Tomorrow’s Schools’ - our current system of each school having their own Board.

Every now and again I read an article about the demise of the Arts in NZ education, the lack of funding or prioritising of the Arts, the lack of value placed on the Arts...., the lack of professional development in the Arts, the lack of funding for the Arts... I tend to agree and, although my recollection of my early years in the profession may be cloudy, rose tinted and not totally accurate, it certainly felt that the Arts were more centre stage. We can’t go backwards, we need to go forwards but we also need to make sure we are giving every child a chance to uncover a burgeoning talent or passion in all learning areas of the curriculum - Arts included. From the NZ Curriculum - The Why?

The following was written earlier in the week:
Whilst we have certain spatial limitations this year (picture yourself now as a small sardine next week at the evening 'show' ) we were determined to stick to the plan of having a celebration of the Arts in Term 3.... as usual! This doesn’t come easy or is natural for all teachers or children - we all have different strengths - but taking a risk, just trying something out, being part of a team, producing something for maybe the first time may be just ‘the switch’ required. Although the focus isn’t really on the visual this year but more on the other aspects of the Arts Curriculum, I’m reminded of why we put the mahi into it and I reckon this may just be the new black - the new ‘gold ol' days’ ....... this time on a hill!

Please come and have some fun with us next week.

Most of the above is still accurate - but, this time, now the fun will be via video link, will come to you post production later than the filming next week... and you will then be able to have fun for many weeks of rewatching!

Go well, people!