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13 September 2019

posted 12 Sept 2019, 15:54 by Carolyn Brett   [ updated 12 Sept 2019, 15:54 by Stephanie Williams ]
With 2 weeks now until the end of Term 3, I am starting to compile my reading list. I often can be found carting piles of heavy books around from A to B and back again. The recent goodies range from strengths-based parenting to creating fantastic workplaces and a few in between. If I aim high, I may get at least 2 fully read cover to cover.

A few years ago, I read "How kids succeed" by Paul Tough. (What a surname!) Different themes emerge around learned optimism, character strengths, curiosity, grit, self control, willpower and the like. Angela's Duckworth's study into self control is really interesting. As is the fabulous NZ-based project  'The Dunedin Study'. If you haven't heard of it, this article gives a good overview.

This huge piece of work gave us the very clear line between childhood self control and adult outcomes. Now - I will be unlikely to be the Principal of WBS when our children hit 35 (possibly?!) and for many I may not know where their adult lives take them. But, I would like to think that over their time with us, we have deliberately and thoughtfully planned for and taught them techniques to have that bit more self control. Part of this means not rescuing or preventing mistakes from happening. Brain wiring requires repetition and opportunities to practice, practice, practice. There is also quite a bit of research around the link between self control and academic outcomes. I guess that makes sense.

At the Parent Workshop on Wednesday next week, I'm pretty sure the teachers will be including some simple techniques for helping children (and us!) calm those impulses - you will no doubt have plenty of ideas too - so come and chat!

He waka eke noa! We are all in it together!