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13 November 2020

posted 12 Nov 2020, 18:07 by Carolyn Brett
If you think your social life is lacking lustre we can add some shine with the array of opportunities between now and the end of the school year!

Last week’s Newsletter included a visual calendar of what’s on... we will keep this a feature for the remainder of the term, as we know how full on it gets, and hope that our multiple messaging helps. We do ask you to meet us half way as well and take charge of transferring the dates to your own memory joggers.

Starting with this evening, we have the annual ritual of the School Community get together at the Chocolate Fish in Shelly Bay. It’s easy. Children play, are fed and watered via parents and there is plenty of mixing and mingling and maybe you may meet someone new. The Board of Trustees provides nibbles and you buy drinks.

This year, we are trying something new with the after school Stay and Play on Tuesday 8 December. In combination with teachers chatting with you about key aspects of the new space’s programme (for children moving areas), children play and there is food for sale as part of our fundraising machinery. Feel free to bring your own refreshments.... something will go well with Nachos! If it’s a winning formula, this too may become a Worser Bay School ritual.

The other whole school event is fondly known as ‘The Wrap’. This is more on the fun and frivolity side of things. Children MC, each class does a bit of an item, there are a couple of speeches and some community sing alongs. Get here early that evening as seats, on the ground, are often hard to come by.

Year 6 events are always a time to celebrate our children moving onto Intermediate.

The Year 6 Dinner and Parent Drinks are for the Year 6s and their parents and staff only. Please book childcare for younger siblings as it’s the Year 6’s special time.

Likewise, the Poroaki will be held the following morning. Year 6s will all give their thoughts on their time at primary, there are a couple more speeches from staff and all Year 6 parents/whānau attend. It’s always a bit of a emotional time (I find!)

This may be something some of you who are not parents of Year 6s are keen to be part of too, so if you would like to attend, please let Steph know as we will need to have numbers for small chair seating! We are aiming to hold this in our outdoor classroom for the first time..... this indeed may be the beginnings of yet another ritual. (Some predictability is useful in this world, I think!)

Then there are parent/teacher Progress Meetings, Beach Weeks, Trips, Clothing Sales,.....Working Bee..... it’s all on!

Do up your seatbelt..... and enjoy!