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11 December 2020

posted 4 Feb 2021, 18:34 by Carolyn Brett   [ updated 4 Feb 2021, 18:35 ]
I can’t really believe I am writing the last Newsletter piece for 2020. In all the complexity and uncertainty of the start to the decade, we have much to be proud of and celebrate.

This is what THE WRAP on Tuesday is really all about - just being together and ending on a high note rather than a flat one! Then, 2 days after that, when we farewell you and your children at 1.00pm, classrooms are sorted, last jobs are done, the staff will sit in the ‘temporary staffroom’ for almost the final time and get stuck into stealing each others’ Secret Santa surprises!

And then........ well, there will be some container unloading into my office, some moving over to the new spaces..... And then the festive season can begin!

We have some knowns. We know that we will all be having summer holidays in New Zealand, we know that holiday hot spots will be packed out, we know that the weather will highly likely be unpredictable at best, we know that we all have an opportunity to breathe a little more deeply and appreciate our country and each other.
We know we need a break, where the alarm isn’t always our best friend and that the holiday reading pile may actually start to dwindle.

We also go into the holidays knowing that all the work in preparation for a new school year has been done, we have our start of year activities prepared:

Stationery Drop Off - 9am on Wednesday 3 February
Term 1 2021 starts - 8.55am on Thursday 4 February
Waitangi Day Observed - Monday 8 February - School is closed
Year 5 & 6 Camp 2021 - Wed 3 March to Fri 5 March
Year 4 Camp 2021 - Thurs 4 March
Whānau Festival - Sunday 28 March

We know we have to fill our buckets up to the miniscus with all the things that are good for the soul. So, to the WBS staff, please go offline and stop the teacher talk for a while. Nic - your friends and families don’t want or need “One, two, three.....eyes on me”!

To our Year 6 graduates and other children and families departing our shores.... take the top of the WBS pops with you and keep on building from there.

Whatever summer holidays mean to you and your whånau.... do it well, safely and be joyful!