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06 July 2018

posted 5 Jul 2018, 19:36 by Stephanie Williams   [ updated 5 Jul 2018, 19:36 ]
Kia ora e te Whānau o Whetūkairangi

It won't be a surprise to you that I rate Sir Ken Robinson. I mention his name often enough! 

Recently Sir Ken made a trip down under. Unfortunately the Conference was slightly unreachable but all isn't lost as there is a very good article in the latest Metro Magazine.  This is timely for many of you who are thinking about Intermediate School and then the move onto Secondary School and where and what and how....?

In the article titled "How to choose the right school" - Education expert Sir Ken Robinson lays out the priorities to keep in mind when picking a school - and explains why learning dance is as important as mastering maths and can be found here:  How to choose the right school

The key idea from the article being that the quality of education is how curriculum, teaching, assessment, schedule/ timetable, environment and culture combine together- the balance needs to be right. When I reflect on these last 10 weeks of this term- there is not one of these elements that have been left untouched nor will be.... Every aspect requires attention and ongoing review and improvement. Mediocrity is a banned concept! There is some very interesting material in the article- it's a good short read I encourage you to give it a go.

What a great way to start Wednesday. ....wrapped up, fire burning, singing, listening to stories and a bit of a walk along the beach and up (and down!) the hill. The reflection aspect of Matariki is very special and what an opportunity to show gratitude for where we are and whom we are with and also remember those who are no longer here. Special thanks to John and Suz for the momentum and the staff for the early alarm.... the positive energy and leading a fabulous day of whānau learning. It was also lovely to have parents and friends in helping out and of course the support of Dean and Xavier from Heritage NZ and the formation of a new link that stretches across the water to Muritai School.

Half way through the school year is also a time for reflection and to review the progress against the annual goals, where we are against our targets in reading, writing and maths, what movement we have made towards our strategic direction and where the emphasis needs to go in the second half of the year. If I'm completely honest around this time my head is well into 2019. Better than living in the past I guess!

As we pull this information together I congratulate our teaching and support staff on the systems they have created and the incredible amount of learning they have done in 2 terms. When 3 pm comes the study, the planning, the analysis, the moderation, the other 'major brain power required' part of the job starts.

So to our staff - the next 2 weeks are a time for a refresh and a reboot please. We will be full on into gathering student voice for the upcoming Arts Celebration in Term 3 - 2 evenings the 22 and 23 August - before the Mid Term break on Friday 24 August. This is always a terrific experience and wouldn't Sir Ken be thrilled that the humanities are kept alive and well at WBS?! 

Find some time for a spot of dancing these holidays and see you all full of beans on Monday 23 July rearing to get into Term 3.

Ko te ahurei o te tamaiti
Let the uniqueness of the child guide our work