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Digital Technology at school NEEDS UPDATING

Instructions for parents*

  • Please read our guidelines carefully. If there are any points you would like to discuss with the school, let the Base Group teacher know as soon as possible.
  • The WBS Acceptable Use of Technologies Agreement was developed with the students , based on the school ‘rule’, the value of respect and learning about digital citizenship and safety on the net.
  • The guidelines and agreement has been discussed at school in a way that is age appropriate. Please reinforce the messages and go through this information again at home.
  • Please sign the agreement and return it to the school. The other information can be kept at home for your future reference.
*The term ‘parent’ used throughout this document also refers to legal guardians and caregivers.

Important terms used in this document

The abbreviation ‘ICT’ in this document refers to the term ‘Information and Communication Technologies’.

‘Blogs’ are used at Worser Bay as a means to communicate learning, ideas and opinions of our students to a wider audience. This is a web based site and is open to all viewers.

‘Cybersafety’ refers to the safe use of the Internet and ICT equipment/devices, including mobile phones.

‘School ICT’ refers to the school’s computer network, Internet access facilities, computers and other school ICT equipment/devices as outlined in (e) below.

The term ‘ICT equipment/devices’ used in this document, includes but is not limited to, computers (such as desktops, laptops, PDAs), storage devices (such as USB and flash memory devices, CDs, DVDs, floppy disks, iPods, MP3 players), cameras (such as video, digital, webcams), all types of mobile phones, gaming consoles, video and audio players/receivers (such as portable CD and DVD players), and any other, similar, technologies as they come into use.

‘Objectionable’ in this agreement means material that deals with matters such as sex, cruelty, or violence in such a manner that it is likely to be injurious to the good of students or incompatible with a school environment. This is intended to be inclusive of the definition used in the Films, Videos and Publications Classification Act 1993.

‘Google Apps for Education’ are used by students throughout the school. Children in Year 3 - 6 have their own gmail accounts, the main purpose of the gmail account is that it provides a gateway to Google Drive. Students can create their own documents, presentations, folders and more. 
‘Hapara Dashboard’ is used by the teachers to monitor the use of emails and the drive. Teachers can see emails and documents that are being written, trashed, sent and received.

Background Information

The measures to ensure the cybersafety of Worser Bay School are based on our core value of respect.
The school’s computer network, Internet access facilities, computers and other school ICT equipment/devices bring great benefits to the teaching and learning programmes at Worser Bay School, and to the effective operation of the school.
Our school has rigorous cybersafety practices in place, which include Cybersafety / Acceptable Use Agreements for all school staff and students. The focus is on being a good ‘digital citizen’ of the world.
The overall goal of the school in this matter is to create and maintain a cybersafety culture which is in keeping with the values of the school, and legislative and professional obligations.
The school’s computer network, Internet access facilities, computers and other school ICT equipment/devices are for educational purposes appropriate to the school environment, regardless of whether it is used on or off the school site.
The school may monitor traffic and material sent and received using the school’s ICT network.  The school uses filtering and/or monitoring software to restrict access to certain sites and data. Students in Years 4-6 have access to Google Apps for education. Teachers monitor the activity utilising the Hapara Teacher Dashboard: Students in the junior school may also access Google Apps when teachers/ parents/they have assessed their self management skills and deemed them ' ready' 
The school may audit its computer network, Internet access facilities, and other school ICT equipment/devices or commission an independent forensic audit.
All students will be issued with a Use of Technologies Agreement and, once discussed at an age appropriate level at school and at home and a signed consent has been returned to school, students will be able to use the school ICT equipment/devices. 

WBS Acceptable Use of Technologies

My School Values:

  • Respect ourselves
  • Respect each other
  • Respect the environment

The same values apply when I am online and when using the school’s technologies.

Some ways in which I can show what this looks like when using school technologies include:

                   Respect ourselves

·       I make sure that there is an adult in the room when online
·       I report anything to an adult that makes me feel uncomfortable
·       I look after my body and mind

Respect each other

·       I make comments in a positive, friendly way
·       I use manners  
·       I support others in their learning

Respect the environment

·       I take turns when sharing technology
·       I treat all technologies with respect and care
·       I use technology as a learning tool, not as a toy

I have read and understood this and I have shared with my parents

Blogs are used in each class as part of sharing classroom learning. The links can be found on our school website under the Blogs link; photos and video of the students are often used.