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Friday 26th June 2015

posted 2 Jul 2015, 19:08 by Carolyn Brett   [ updated 2 Jul 2015, 19:45 ]

This is the final 'big' newsletter for the term. Time flies when having fun, maybe an old cliche, but it certainly rings true for us!

We have had a term of highlights.  Informative Data Meetings, Parent Workshop with Murray Gadd on Developing Writers, a real highlight; the stellar "What's in Our Backyard?" Art Exhibition; hot on its tail the incredible Celebration of Matariki.... and then there is every other day which is certainly not without inspiration, aspiration and expectation!

For most of next week, I am involved in organising the New Zealand Principals’ Federation National Conference.  Danny, Kath and John are attending Wednesday to Friday. Suzanne will be 'in office'. The theme of the Conference is "Through Multiple Lenses"  -  one way of seeing is not the 
only way of seeing. We certainly witness that minute by minute.

Collaboration is one of the school's three key principles. Digging a little further into the essence of collaboration recently, I was reminded about the interesting work on growth mind-sets and motivation. Some of you may be familiar with the work of Carol Dweck who 
is one of the world’s leading researchers in the field of motivation, and recognises the power of believing that you can improve. Her research has found that students who view intelligence as something that can be developed fare better when they meet a challenge. These students engage in their learning, persevere, and reach their full potential.

"What has intrigued me most in my 30 years of research is the power of motivation. Motivation is often more important than your initial ability in determining whether you succeed in the long run. In fact, many creative geniuses were not born that way. They were often fairly ordinary people who became extraordinarily motivated. By motivation, I mean not only the desire to achieve, but also the love of learning, the love of challenge, and the ability to thrive on obstacles. These are the greatest gifts we can give our students.”
Carol Dweck (NZ Curriculum)

You may be interested in listening to a TED TALK of hers - it's just 10 minutes long and thought provoking. 


Let's get motivated and make time to get to the Parent/Teacher Workshop, here, in Tautoru, with Mark Osborne on Tuesday, 4th August, 6.30 - 7.45pm.  Mark's "personal mission is to turn all schools into awesomeness incubators". Mark will discuss future focussed education and why education looks different from 'when we were at school'.  Let's make sure it's diaried now! We had such a fabulous turn out to the Parent Writing Workshop with Murray Gadd earlier this term - this, too, is going to be extremely worthwhile. (Please aim to get here before 6.30pm as Mark has to catch a plane....!)

Following closely on the heels of Mark's workshop and very much related, there is another date to diary - this time it's discussing the big picture concept for a new building at school.  We have some been allocated some property funding for this purpose.  It's not a huge amount but we can get creative!  This will be a 
facilitated brainstorming session with the aim of leaving with a range of options for further consideration - Tuesday 11 August 6.45-8.00 pm!

Thanks for the support left, right and centre over the term. I am looking forward to the third term and the challenges and opportunities it will bring.