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9 September 2016

posted 8 Sep 2016, 16:49 by Carolyn Brett   [ updated 9 Sep 2016, 00:46 ]
Honesty, Zest, Perseverance and Bravery are the character strengths that all fall under the virtue of 'Courage'. When I have asked children about the strengths they needed to call on while they were singing on stage at the Michael Fowler Centre, performing 14 times over 2 evenings in the Music Festival or representing the Eastern Zone in the Interzone Swimming Sports this week.......... bravery, zest and perseverance have all been front of mind for them. (Obviously, honesty hasn't been required!)

Courage isn't just needed when children are doing something remarkable, courage is required in everyday activities. Whether it's speaking up with a friendship issue or taking a risk with a piece of writing. Courage engages the heart and the mind, both the interpersonal and the intrapersonal.

This week and over the next week there will be a lot of talk about goal setting and reflection as you attend the SLC and celebrate learning and all it encompasses!

A ton of research places Perseverence as a one of the key strengths in terms of life 'success' and overall wellbeing. Reframing setbacks as learning opportunities can boost this strength as people persist towards goals. Let's encourage our children to do just that. I have written about Angela Duckworth's work on GRIT before. Some of you may have even already taken the 'GRIT TEST' - quick and easy just 10 questions...


I found an article recently about Grit that took my eye as the opening paragraph discussed friends... who have worked in education with adolescents for over 40 years.... talked about a lack of grit, about a growing concern among teachers that kids these days are growing soft. The article is short and covers a range of things from courage, resilience, goals, perfection...... You may enjoy it: 


So, two weeks of school before the break. I'll leave with a quote I love and have enlightened the teachers with in this weather:

In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.” - Albert Camus

Enjoy the weekend.