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4 March 2016

posted 3 Mar 2016, 17:22 by Stephanie Williams
I left home and went to University when I was a mere 16...... thinking I knew it all (and found out quickly that I didn't!).  All I knew was, I needed to get a degree where I would 'get a job'.  Physiotherapy attracted me. It was more the cool looking pants suits and the title itself, I think, as my interest in the sciences at the time was fair to middling. 

The Careers Guidance Counsellor suggested Social Work or Teaching. I was keen on Social Work for a while but thought I may not have the life experience when I graduated at 20 to do a good job! So, I went teaching and have never looked back. I have worked in a variety of roles in different countries, both in the private and public sector, all education focussed. I was lucky. This career, almost by by default, has been a great fit.

But the world of work our children will be going into is very different from my experience. The conversations from Careers Guidance, as in pick 'a job' and train for it..... will be too! Last week I came across an article in the Guardian that reminded me of the Parent Workshop on Future Focussed Learning with Mark Osborne last year. Australian science agency, CSIRO, has charted 20 year trends in increasingly digitally focussed and automated Australian workplaces. Some key points:

  • Science, technology,engineering and mathematics knowledge is used in 75% of the fastest growing occupations.

  • A big rise in self employment and freelancing (in the US one in three workers is an independent contractor).

  • Entrepreneurial skills are likely to be increasingly important.

  • Education and Healthcare would continue to drive job creation "social interaction skills and emotional intelligence will become increasingly important".

For the full article: http://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2016/feb/26/future-of-work-remote-controlled-vehicle-operators-in-demand-in-2035

It's always good to have a reminder that schools and education cannot look the same as what we may remember. It's a different world, requiring many different skills than what it once did.