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3 November 2017

posted 2 Nov 2017, 18:16 by Carolyn Brett
When you have been 'in the business' as long as I have, you do manage to collect a large number of friends who are also in the same field and, like many professions, teachers do tend to talk teaching ALOT. This is possibly due to the fact that many of us don't really view it as a job, more that it is who we are - as it is difficult to have an on and off button. We are constantly searching for better ways of doing things, new ideas and building knowledge. (So I'm sure my partner wished he was wearing headphones when he spent Labour Weekend with 2 teacher friends and myself!)

One of these friends had just returned from a study trip to Scandinavia to look into the Forest Schools Concept. Wow - her photos and stories were just incredible. What a two year old can do when they are given the licence, it was very exciting and I am keen to try and get her down to share her experiences and knowledge with our staff in some way next year. We are situated in such a fantastic spot for starters!

Back from the weekend, hooking into the news I came across this article about Green School in Bali.

I know some of you have also read it, as you have mentioned it to me - but it's worth a read if you haven't. So many of these ideas were aligned with my friend's Scandinavian experiences and also resonate with many things we are just scratching the surface.

We have recently become an Enviroschool! We are doing so much in this space already, it made wonderful sense to network and learn with others and see where we can move to!  I know the teachers and, no doubt, students are keen to also work more closely with a group of interested parents with progressing this work - so if you are keen, please let John or Scott know ASAP. Follow the link to find out more.

The Fair of Legends is almost upon us. The signs look amazing out there and the Fair Team and helpers have been heads down for quite some time planning and sorting and thinking ....... to make this happen!  Let's join together as a community and get 'stuck in' to making it a great day for the benefit of our WBS children!