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2 December 2016

posted 1 Dec 2016, 17:28 by Carolyn Brett
When I walked into my first ever interview fresh out of Teacher’s College, I had no idea that this place would become such an important feature of my next 13 years. I couldn’t imagine how much I would learn or the remarkable people I would meet. It has helped to shape and inform my ideas and principles about teaching and, indeed, particularly over the past two years as we have delved into positive education, those important to my life. Our way of working here is both dynamic and highly reflective; one I have thoroughly enjoyed. 

It is strange to be a part of a place for so long. You get to know all its creaks and whispers; what things are squirrelled away where. You are gifted with perspective to see that what we do now may not really come to its full fruition for a few years down the track; and so, too, that what seems like a mountain right now when looking back was nothing but a small mound. 

I have seen people come and go and been on many an interview panel seeking the right people to join our team. Little did I know that it would be on one such panel I would meet my future husband. “Just show him around the school.” Jude said!

“Time flies when you are having fun!” I used to cringe when teachers or adults would say that to us as kids, but, looking back on my 7 years at Worser Bay, I guess this cliche is one of the most apt. Yes, it is a magnificent setting with beautiful backdrops and a rich history, but, actually, without the people it wouldn’t be nearly as great. Worser Bay really is a fun place to work and to play! Don’t get me wrong, we work hard, but we also know how to have a good laugh together, and at the expense of each other. There really is never a dull day here. I have planned, learnt, laughed and debated with some awesome colleagues, parents and students along the way. Connections that I hope to be lifelong.

Getting the call, “Haaamiishh…” to take down, put up, or carry all sorts to the skip has been just some of my honorary caretaker role. A role that I have relished along with the many others. Worser Bay has always given great opportunities to grow as a leader, problem solver and lifelong learner, something I will always be grateful for and a real testament to the overall vision of the school.

As we have changed over the years, so has Worser Bay. It really is a school that is constantly full of new ideas and energy. Expectations are high, on both children, parents and teachers, and when we reflect on the year we are always slightly amazed at how much we have achieved.

We would like to say a HUGE thank you for the many opportunities that we have had at Worser Bay. Thank you, Jude, for your ongoing support, guidance and humour. You are an inspiring leader. We have both learnt so much, grown as teachers and human beings, as well as built many lasting friendships. Worser Bay School is a wonderful place to work. It is full of life, future focused and unafraid of change. We are so proud to have been a part of it for our combined 20 years. Both of us are excited as we move on to new beginnings but will always hold Worser Bay dear to our hearts. We’re sure we’ll find ways to stay connected and are looking forward to being spectators at the 2017 Wrap. What will those crazy teachers come up with?

Hamish and Kath, over and out.