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27 October 2017

posted 26 Oct 2017, 16:49 by Carolyn Brett   [ updated 26 Oct 2017, 16:56 ]
A great deal can be packed into 4 days - I have witnessed this very closely this week! Like I mentioned last week, it's also a short term and also an interesting time for Education Policy ahead.

Much is uncertain but much also remains constant. What we know about learning, what we know about child development, what we know about school culture and what we know about what makes a good school doesn't change.

We are excitedly in the throes of 2018 planning. Nearing the end of the third term of each year my focus certainly moves well into the following year. The teachers have already been delving into the 'hard data', accompanied by plenty of narrative and observation to get their heads around curriculum design for 2018. 

At this school, we place a big value transition from ECE to school, via our highly regarded Rising 5s programme. We also put a lot of energy and thought into transition across the school. Now, similar to a rural school - this really only happens twice in our children's primary school lifetime - we know them well! In saying that, we have a change of dynamic each year, so we need to fit programmes to needs, not the other way around. This is why teaching is such a creative profession!

This year we are keen to have parents along to one of our transition sessions. It's not just children that might be moving into a new space after all. This will give you an opportunity to connect with other parents and teachers in the new spaces too - well before 2018. It'll be on a Friday morning - late November / early December. Date to be confirmed in next week's Newsletter.

I really want to congratulate and acknowledge our children and staff. The soccer coaches working with us for the next 7 weeks had their first session last week. They couldn't speak highly enough of both the smaller and the bigger people at our place! These coaches were absolutely impressed. It's always nice to hear, but especially heartwarming when the feedback is so unsolicited and from people engaged in many schools. Ka mau te wehi!

So, at the moment, I can see that the adults in our community have a lot going on - whether it's teachers, support staff, fundraisers - especially the FAIR TEAM, helpers........ all for the benefit of our children. Pop the build up to Christmas frenzy and holidays, combined with work expectations and deadlines - on top it can all get a bit crazy. Let's remember to look for the best in others, to spot their strengths and let them know. 

I came across this great example of strengths spotting in an Australian High School - I urge you to take a look.