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20 May 2016

posted 19 May 2016, 18:52 by Carolyn Brett   [ updated 19 May 2016, 19:12 ]
Our school has one 'rule' . It's easy to remember. It's Respect. "Respect for ourselves, each other and he environment."
This week, being NZ's Anti Bullying week, all children have been engaged in a range of activities across the school to highlight what bullying is and isn't and most importantly what to do about it...............

Some responses to "What is bullying?":

"It's when someone is mean and it goes on and on." (Year 2)
"It's planned and repeated." (Year 4)
"It's not something that happens once." (Year 3)
"It's mean words, taking friends away, not letting you play, putting you down again and again." (Year 2)
"It's when people make you feel bad a lot." (Year 1)

When asked "So what do you do about it.......?"

"You have to tell, you stick up for yourself and other people." ( Year 4)
"You tell a teacher or your Mum or Dad what is happening." (Year 3)
"It's difficult to tell, you need courage." (Year 4)
"You must be brave and if everyone is brave and tell it's much better." (Year 5)
"You tell because there is something that is making the person doing that, they aren't happy, there is something wrong." (Year 6)

Our focus on Positive Education and aspects of our Health Curriculum highlight positive relationships and emotions. Having this whole week bringing this ongoing, targeted, repeated, planned, negative behaviour to the fore, we hope, has encouraged more of the culture of telling I wrote about in last week's newsletter. Telling is the hard part. I'm sure many of us can think back and remember a time we had to gather the courage to tell.

I have had some feedback from parents this week commenting on how much they like the concept of a 'culture of telling'. I'm certainly all for it! The important piece is to tell the right person at the right time. If something is happening at school, teachers do need to know at the time......... it's much easier to get to the nitty gritty then, there, on the spot...... not after the fact when stories tend to become a little muddy or confused with the 'he said..she said..." 

We have been talking about children but, as we know, it's adults too that are affected in workplaces and within communities. For our school community to really thrive, adults, too, need to have courage, speak up and 'call it' when they witness inappropriate comments or behaviours that aren't conducive to belonging to a positive community. It's about: 

"Respect: ourselves, each other and our environment."

You may like to read "What is Bullying?" below, and this article in the NZ Hearald: www.nzherald.co.nz.
Carolyn Brett,
19 May 2016, 18:52