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12 February

posted 11 Feb 2016, 17:26 by Stephanie Williams   [ updated 18 Feb 2016, 17:39 ]
Tama-nui-te-ra has certainly been doing good deeds for the people of Wellington, especially those that belong to the lucky school that are the guardians of Whetukairangi - us! The sun has been shining bright and long and hot and as many of you commented at the Parent Workshops - we are very grateful!

It was relatively easy to attend the Family Picnic last week - outside, relaxed, informal...... siblings welcome... it was a bit more of an effort to arrange childcare and get to the Parent Workshops this week - inside.... but still aiming to be relaxed and informal!

Some of you attended both workshops, having children in both areas. It would have been very easy to sense the similar themes as to how the school works as one unified whole. Along with the many similarities, you will have also noted how the learning and teaching develops as the children mature as they move through the school. The philosophy remains the same.

It was such a privilege to 'release' our curriculum document which sits inside the context of the New Zealand Curriculum Document. I feel extremely privileged to be leading a school where we don't take things lightly, where we don't use empty buzz words or jump all over the next 'fad'! 

Speaking of being grateful, I received a beautiful and thoughtful piece of feedback from a parent this week and I would like to share a snippet of this with you.

".........It was heart-warming to hear how considered and valued our small people are. I came away with the strong message that they do sit on top of the curriculum in terms of WBS priorities and are not squashed beneath it......last night there was a lot of mention of key phrases such as 'life-long learners' and 'skills for life' and 'confidence'. I have sat in many meetings where these phrases have been bandied about and then dropped. You  are pretty unique in that you have managed to achieve this......." 

For those of you who could come earlier, it was a great opportunity to get to understand more of the 'property story'.  This will be up on the website soon, please have a read - it's pretty exciting and has been a wonderful piece of thinking from members of our skilled parent community

So, eight days into the school year and we have had a picnic, two parent workshops and now we have goal setting meetings looming on the horizon and for a bit of a parent shindig - the first Worser Bay School Fundraiser for the year (apart from sausages that is) .....the CEILIDH. Please get your friends together and purchase tickets now - ASAP. You don't want to miss out and it's not even a taxi fare away, merely a short stroll. 

Please check out the blogs for any further followup from the workshops. Please diary the Powhiri now if you haven't already, it's only 2 weeks away and such a special community event! (See separate item.)

Well, we can't ever call this place dull!