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17 February 2017

posted 16 Feb 2017, 17:32 by Carolyn Brett

In 'valuing the whole child' we need to consider how the mind and body work as one. Latest thinking is looking at these aspects as a united front, rather than a 'connection'. This whole area of 'health' is expansive but when we talk about it in a positive education sense we are focusing on building mindfulness, optimism, resilience and encouraging healthy behaviours like nutrition, exercise and sleep - which certainly requires parents as partners. As much as we would like to, we can't help a lot with bedtime!

The Word Health Organisation (2011) stated that ... "students who thrive physically and psychologically also perform well in their studies". It's not difficult to join those dots. This focus on ' holistic health' is also consistent with their definition of health way back in 1948 .. "a state of complete physical, mental, and social wellbeing..."

It's not a case of the soft versus the hard or the academic versus the fluff! We have to be fully committed to both. We need to be able to put our hands on our hearts and know we have done the best we can by our children and encourage the opportunities to sample a whole buffet of healthy behaviours. 

The goal setting that is happening at the moment is a great opportunity to focus on the whole too - while these goals are school based, where teachers can play a big role - you might consider also having a couple of home based goals as well. It's that balance I suppose - a few that are meaningful rather than a multitude that aren't sustainable and easily forgotten. Setting goals and enjoying the journey not necessarily the destination can increase optimism and resilience... not to mention perseverance and the ability to focus attention. It's got to be a good thing!