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16 September 2016

posted 15 Sep 2016, 19:22 by Carolyn Brett
It's certainly been full to the brim this week! 

Tuesday, we had visiting colleagues from 2 schools observing and talking with us about how we work. We know we do a great job and are always looking to do even better but it's always nice to hear that from others! Many NZ schools are building/opening things up and creating team teaching spaces or as we call them now 'ILEs' Innovative Learning Environments. As I say to them when they come - nothing is set in stone here, children's needs change frequently - so must our thinking, planning and practice if we are to be flexible and adaptable..... the very same skills our children will need for the workplace. Feedback included:

"Can't believe the children are so on task."
"So independent."
"There are 4 teachers in here and it's quieter than just me and my class in one space!"
"The teachers aren't raising their voices, I haven't heard that once all morning."
"The children can talk about their learning - they know what they are needing to do."
"Your children are so polite and chatty!"

Three cheers for our staff, that's all I can say! 

As we head towards the final week of a very short term, I certainly know they will be relishing the chance to wind down before winding up for the next term. Just like teachers have of the children, I have high expectations of the staff and they certainly reach them.

It's been a big week of SLCs and and what was hopefully an authentic opportunity to get inside your child's learning. Part of the focus on learner agency is building skills and confidence in children to be able to lead these conversations about their learning. However, just like with something like public speaking or pole vaulting, for some this comes easily.... for others not so.... don't give up, talents may lie elsewhere and they aren't quite there........... yet! 

Thanks to you all for responding to calls for help! This week we had transporting for Eastern Zones, we have had sausages sizzled.... we have a record number for the Sleepover, and, to top it off with the pizza help email Tuesday, by Wednesday morning we had received a fab number of responses and broken another record!.

A school, (the sum), can only be as good as all the parts after all. Let's exceed expectations.