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14 October 2016

posted 13 Oct 2016, 17:23 by Carolyn Brett
Welcome to our second summer term for 2016 and what a gloriously smooth start to it too!

I have a bit of a fixation at the moment about multitasking or more about attempting to limit it. In the break I came across an article titled "Our brains are evolving to multitask," not! The ill-usion of multitasking by Allan Goldstein.

Some key points from the article:
  • Through Allan's work in the growing area of Mindfulness - Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) he has come to believe that what we refer to as multitasking does not exist and that the level of our ability to perform tasks suffers as we shift our attention from one task to another. Basically, all the evidence from neuroscience is proving that there is no such thing as multitasking!
  • Neuroscientists conclude that our brains do not process tasks concurrently, we are not performing tasks at the same time but instead are switching back and forth between them with some of us in an unfulfilled state of partial attention.
  • The complex multitasker is in a continuous state of overstimulation.
I'm thinking about what this means for the children and the full on environments they are often in. When we think about screen time these days, it's often more about how many screens are on at any one time? Is there such a thing as a quality conversation with TV on? How we create space for our children and ourselves? What are modelling? What about....here's the biggy - what about going offline for specified periods of time, like the 'old days'? Eek! 

I've been attempting to stick to one thing at a time since Monday. To be honest, it's not working brilliantly, but the good thing is I'm aware of when I am not paying full attention to the task and when I am emailing while on the phone, when I am glancing at a text while talking to a staff member and ......at the same time listening into a child's conversation plus mentally checking off my to do list....... all at once.......... so it's a start.

If you would like to read the full article:


On that note, I will try hard to be 'fully present' on the disco entrance tonight! 

Thanks so much in advance to all of our parent helpers who will be making this Outer Space Disco a wonderful experience for the children and also supporting our 2016 fundraising target of 100k!

Here's to an engaging, stimulating (but not too much multitasking!) term.