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11 November 2016

posted 10 Nov 2016, 15:38 by Carolyn Brett   [ updated 10 Nov 2016, 18:40 ]
Wellbeing and academic achievement go hand in hand and we have a strong emphasis on both.

Every couple of years, we undertake a big wellbeing review that sees the Year 5 and 6 students answering a very thorough online survey that asks them to rate such statements as:
  • Teachers and students care about each other.
  • Behaviours like hitting or bullying are not OK at school.
  • I feel safe at school.
  • Are other students mean to you because you learn differently to them?
This data has now been analysed by the wellbeing team and shared with the Board and we have some clear next steps for our programmes in 2017. These include: 
  • continued teacher professional learning
  • ensuring consistency in managing behaviour
  • proactivity in teaching all aspects of our Positive Education programme (based on the Geelong Grammar Model - please see below)
  • ensure regularity of PE - even when wet and cold - somehow!
  • continue to strengthen our playtime activities and developing leaders
  • find opportunities to workshop and tap into expertise with you - our parents!
The data was very reassuring and of special note is our very low 'aggressive culture' - much lower than the national reference data! CELEBRATE! See below (the second line of each is the National Reference Data):

If you are interested to see of all of the questions/data, please email office@worserbay.school.nz


Furthermore we would love your thoughts and input into our PE/Health programme as we plan ahead. 
What's working well? Where do you consider the needs are? What's missing? Can you help us? What else could we be thinking about? Do you know of good resources/talent out there?!

Let our Wellbeing Team know:
Well, regardless of the forecast, I'm sure we will all have the opportunity to truly implement this model, as an entire community, this Sunday. Yes, The TREASURE ISLAND FAIR - it's all go!...........

Let's flourish!