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11 August 2017

posted 10 Aug 2017, 15:41 by Carolyn Brett   [ updated 10 Aug 2017, 18:15 ]
Talk about thunderbirds are go! There are layers upon layers of great stuff happening out there! If you made it to Assembly last week, you would've witnessed an array of rather complex mathematical problems, some singing and grooving, some witty presenting...... a bit of everything to suit a range of tastes and maturity!

It's a bit like that here on a daily basis. We are dealing with so many different personalities, passions, strengths, needs - it's the word balance that comes most frequently to mind. A balanced mind, a balanced team or a balanced curriculum, balance within the community - yes, it's an important word!

Tōtika - Balance
Mahia i runga i te rangimārie me te ngākau māhaki
With a peaceful mind and respectful heart, we will always get the best results

How heartening it was to pull the Word Clouds together - thanks so much for contributing. Some of the information was processed straight away - like more notice for school trips, clarity about health and safety reporting. Some made us think about our messaging on Blogs, in Newsletters and the like - one asked for more Maths, another less PE. There were calls for thinking about before school care options, lobbying of government and more car parking. Some things we can action, others not so easy..... it's all good 'intelligence' and appreciated. 

Some feedback is more strategic - more long term and big picture around what's going well and we should definitely keep doing - The Sense of Community and The Whole Child - absolute stand outs!  What's also interesting is that some of the WWW (what's working well) also features big time in wishes for the future. So it's, yes, we like it and we want more of it, thanks!

You will find staff, parent and student voice (a lot also about food, swimming and the beach!) 

You will also find some very clear standouts about the Arts and Music especially.

Answer 1:  What is already working really well and we should definitely keep doing?

Answer 2:  What are your 3 main wishes for the future? What would you like us to start doing or improve?

I clearly see the word 'balance' all over the images.

Soon, the Board and staff will be getting together to check on our strategic direction. We will be using this information, plus what we know about best practice, what the research tells us, what the government direction is (let's wait!), what our student data tells us.... many pieces of the jigsaw.