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10 June 2016

posted 9 Jun 2016, 14:41 by Carolyn Brett   [ updated 10 Jun 2016, 14:27 ]
The weeks may have been shorter but it's amazing what you can fit into them!

The energy emulating from the Plastic Free Peninsula Parent team and children is contagious. You can expect some communication from this group this week with details and invites. It was also great timing to be connecting again with Sustainable Coastlines on Wednesday. 

The big concept for the year is 'change'. The focus on sustainability fits in nicely here and is also an expectation of the National Curriculum. For more about the National Curriculum, please follow this link: The New Zealand Curriculum

It's also a hands on real and authentic area of learning. When we think about our attributes:

I am powerful
I am connected
I am a thinker
I am a goal setter

Children having the opportunity to and supported to take their own action in regards to the environment is inherent within this framework.

Coming back to our children's Inquiry Model:

The cycle can also be seen as more of a spiral, in that it goes on and on! It's interesting how the notion of 'inquiry' is not only for the children.

Teachers are expected to 'teach as inquiry' and leaders to 'lead as inquiry'. We go through very similar cycles as the children. Straight lines, a to b, don't tend to exist so much in our world, possibly not in many of your workplaces either! What about the workplaces our WBS children will one day be working within?

Have a look at the Teaching as Inquiry cycle our teachers work through ........ continuously, around and around...!

Soon you will be meeting to discuss your child's progress since the goal setting meetings. In a way, this meeting is about parents and teachers working through an inquiry cycle together. Yes, in our world of education jargon, this is titled 'a collaborative inquiry'! What impact is the teaching and support from home having on my child's progress? What is working? What is not? What evidence do we have? Where to next?

What would it be like to choose to look through this lens? Would it make the conversation even more useful? 

Will leave you with that thought and have a lovely weekend and a full week next week!

Nga mihi