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10 February 2017

posted 9 Feb 2017, 17:34 by Carolyn Brett
Welcome to the inaugural newsletter of a new school year!

New Years often bring new aspirations and resolutions. It's all go for a while, but why do most New Year's resolutions fail? It's because we are often far too ambitious and think we can change too much! The more goals there are, the less likely they are achieved.

Goal setting. Over the next couple of weeks, you will be meeting with your child/ren and their base group teachers to set direction for the year ahead. The ultimate aim is for the children to be able to come up with their own goals, things that are meaningful and relevant to them........not necessarily what we 'make them do'. There is always a bit of a conversational dance to nail these!  Ultimately, we are looking for 3 or 4 achievable goals that reflect the 'whole child'. This could include social, emotional academic, physical...... this could include stretch goals (based on strengths) or an area that could do with a boost. 

Goal setting isn't easy. Are we focused short term or long term? Is it something we are resourced for? Is it important and relevant? Is it worth the bother? The best goals are those that are self concordant - meaning they are authentic, meaningful and relevant to the individual, plus reasonably enjoyable. Teachers have been setting the scene with a variety of goal orientated experiences. It may be useful to review our Curriculum Document, especially the learner attributes as there will be some useful ideas from here that could be used as prompts in these meetings.

The other purpose of these meetings is to connect nice and early with your child's base group teacher. We will also be having a bit of an orientation session 'Welcome to our Learning Space' on the morning of Wednesday 8 March. Details will be coming with exact timings next week. This is when you see the 'learning in action', get to join in the fun and have a facilitated session with a teacher, basically get to ask any questions. In the meantime, if you have any specific worries about your child's learning, please contact the base group teacher and make a separate appointment to chat privately. Pop into the classrooms and say 'hi' if you didn't catch up with them at stationery drop off or the.... Family Picnic. We were sturdy and brave! We showed GRIT, determination and perseverance! We wrapped up warm! Lovely to see so many of you there.

We are really looking forward to the Powhiri next Friday 17 February. Please find further details in this Newsletter. If you haven't attended a Powhiri, or you are new to NZ, you may want a bit more background - find it in this Newsletter.

Please also diary the Parent Workshop - Developing Speech and Language with Speech Language Therapist, Jennifer Lyons. Tuesday, 21 March, 6.30 - 7.30pm. Many of you have spoken about wanting to learn more, teachers too - so we have organised this session. You can find further details in this Newsletter.