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Week 9 - 22 September 2017

Kia ora e te Whānau o Whetūkairangi

Yesterday was International Gratitude Day. So it's very timely to send gratitude to all of our parent volunteers hard at work raising funds, pulling people together and hopefully managing to find some space to also enjoy contributing. I read something just this morning which is poignant. It was the description of giving being a selfish act - which may seem strange at first. But the thinking was that you gain so much more, as an individual, when you give. A bit of food for thought for a Friday!

We have a few weeks of next term before Sunday 12 November is upon us and the WBS Fair of Legends reigns supreme! Hot on the heels of this major community effort, the Board invites all whanau who have supported the school in the way that best works for them to come along to:

The Chocolate Fish, Shelly Bay
Friday 17 November,  5pm - 6.30pm

This has been a great way to mix and mingle and celebrate together over the last couple of years. We can't guarantee the same beats or visuals like the stand out 80's Disco last Friday, but the atmosphere 'down by the sea' and the fact that children are easily occupied while you can have a well earned refreshment, makes it a great venue in itself!

On Wednesday we celebrated Character Day. The whole school worked in whanau groups of mixed ages and some of their learning around character strengths was shared in Assembly this morning. Remember to check out our Positive Education tab on the website to refresh what, why and how!

Additionally at this time of term, one week to go, reporting... sleepovers... holidays looming... work piling up... to do list lengthening... it is the time to be more deliberate than ever. "How will I use my top strengths in new ways today?"

You may then find that the final week of term travels on calmer waters!

Ngā mihi


Coming up this Week:
  • Parents Coffee Catch Up - Monday 25 September (straight after Karakia) at Park Kitchen
  • Junior School ASB Sports Centre Visit  - Tuesday 26 September
  • Final Student-Led Conference - 8.15am on Wednesday 27 September
  • Year 3 & 4 Sleepover - 6pm on Thursday 28 September

Dates to Diary:
  • Pizza Lunch - Wednesday 25 October (ordering will open in Term 4)
  • School Athletics - Friday 27 October at Worser Bay Beach
Need to Action:
  • Fair Volunteer Form - Please sign up to help at the Fair
  • Yummy Stickers - Please bring in your Yummy Stickers by Monday 25 September
  • Year 3 & 4 Sleepover - Please complete this Google Form

Nau mai Haere Mai!

Welcome to our new Positive Education tab. This will be updated regularly.

Board Shorts

Earlier this week, the Board and staff came together to talk strategy. We hold these joint planning sessions around the same time every year, to provide direction for the school’s Strategic and Annual Plans. Far from staid, as words like ‘Board’ and ‘strategy’ can sound, the discussions were lively and creative – full of inspiration and a strong sense of unity. A big thank you to Jude and all the staff for your energy and excellent presentations. Their commitment to quality, positive, future-focused learning experiences for our children is outstanding! Thank you again to parents who completed the Feedback form back in May. Your ideas and comments make a big difference, and are currently being used to inform a set of refreshed Strategic Goals for the school that we look forward to sharing later next term.

The Parent Evening on Student Wellness last month was a big success. Check out Jude's Summary, if you haven’t already. And this week we’ve had the Student-Led Conferences – another valuable way to connect with your child’s learning and successes in the classroom. Thanks to all staff, children and families that made both of these events happen.

Please remember that parents can now engage with the school’s policies and procedures through our new online tool, SchoolDocs. Check it out. The ‘Students with Special Needs’ policy is currently being reviewed – one more week to get your comments in!

On the topic of engagement, the Board is continually looking for ways to enhance connections with and across our school community, and beyond. Keep an eye out next term for a short and sweet engagement survey, and an informal get-together where we’re keen to chat about how fundraising works, as well as gather event ideas for next year.

Safe to say, the Disco continues to be a favourite fixture on the calendar! Last Friday was an 80s celebration of all things Michael Jackson, Cyndi Lauper, Madonna, Prince, Guns n’ Roses. Fluro, lace, big hair, frills, high-waisted jeans, leg warmers galore. Thank you to the Disco team and everyone that contributed. Oodles of nostalgia and a great time had by all.

Remember to keep dancing to the music and enjoy the spring sunshine as Fair preparations step up in pace. Your energy and fun is what makes our Fair special – for our school, the children, and our wider community. Every bit makes a difference.

The Board

SLCs: Be in Fast: Our Final Offer

Wednesday Morning - 27th September at 8:15am, we are organising a slot for SLCs for anybody who has not been able to get into school during the day.

The Student-Led Conferences thus far have been incredible, with kids talking about and leading their parents through their learning independently. It represents real ownership of their learning and shows how far we have all come. The kids have all spoken so confidently!

Sadly, we will not be having Student-Led Workshops. These have been great too and really diverse: a haka workshop, sketching, coding, number talks, sprints, science and so on. Great work, kids!

Science experiments as a Student-Led Workshop

80s Themed Disco

A Note from the Office

Sun Protection
As Term 4 is fast approaching, students will need adequate sun protection when playing outside:
  • We require students to wear hats which protect the face, neck, and ears, whenever they are outside and involved in school activities. Students at school without a hat must remain in an allocated shaded area or inside at break times.
  • We encourage students to protect themselves with broad spectrum sunscreen of at least SPF30 (Sun Protection Factor), and by sitting/playing in the shade where possible.
  • We encourage students to wear clothing that protects the skin (e.g. long sleeve tops) when at risk of extended sun exposure, such as sports days and picnics, etc.
For more information, please refer to our Sun Protection Policy on SchoolDocs.

School starts at 8.55am and finishes at 3pm
We cannot take responsibility for students who are at school before 8.30am and after 3pm.

School Driveway
Please do not use the bottom of the school driveway as a drop off zone. The yellow lines are there for a reason. Last term we had a couple of reports of near misses on the crossing due to cars pulling in and stopping there. Please help keep our children safe.

Yummy Stickers
If you have been collecting Yummy Apple Stickers or Cut-Out Labels from bags of apples, please bring them to the office by Monday 25 September. We will send them off to receive a share of $200,000 Free Sports Gear for our school.

School Payments
The following payments are now ready for payment via Online Payments on our website:
  • Voluntary Contribution - $345 
  • Seesaw Annual Subscription Fee - $10
  • Junior ASB Sports Centre Visits - $13 (Click on "School Trips" to see this.)
Term Dates for 2017 and 2018 can be found on our website together with our
 Calendar of upcoming events.

A MASSIVE Shoutout to the Coaches and Managers

For a small school we have a big presence on the local sporting scene. We compete with super energy, the best sporting attitudes and with great teamwork on display. But, none of this would be possible without the people who make it happen; a very dedicated group of parents - THE COACHES AND MANAGERS!

We would like to express our gratitude for the time, commitment and energy which these people have put in over the year. They have ridden the highs and lows, been there to encourage and support and, most importantly, to create ongoing enthusiasm in our kids for Sports. For many, this is an entry into lifelong activity and our Coaches and Managers have made this a positive experience.

We all want to say a huge Thank You for supporting and managing the teams. Amazing work! He tino pai o mahi!

Junior School - ASB Sports Centre Visit - Tuesday 26 September

On Tuesday 26 September, the Junior school (Autahi and Tautoru) will be going to the ASB Sports Centre for a second time, as part of our Inquiry into the body.... relating it to using different muscles, keeping fit and trying new things. We will be participating in sports like Gymnastics, Athletics, Floorball and Futsal. 

The children will need to wear clothes that are suitable for exercise and bring a drink bottle and plenty of food for morning tea and lunch.

We will need parent helpers on the trip, so if anyone is keen for a day of fun and exercise, please let your child’s base group teacher know.

Year 3 & 4 Sleepover - Thursday 28 September

It is nearly time for the much anticipated Year 3 & 4 Sleepover on Thursday 28 September - the last Thursday of Term 3! 

Please complete this Google Form for permissions, contact details and any medical or dietary requirements, if you haven't already done so. 

The Sleepover will start at 6pm (after having dinner at home) and finish at 7am (when children return home for breakfast). Supper will be provided.

There will be 12 adults ‘in charge’ overnight, 5 teachers and 7 parents. Thank you to those parents who have offered to stay over on the night.
The girls will sleep in Autahi and the boys in Tautoru.
Your child needs to bring the following:
  • sleeping bag / duvet
  • bedroll / mattress
  • pillow
  • pyjamas
  • toothbrush and toothpaste
  • a soft toy, if they take one to bed with them
If you want a head start on your holiday, children won't be expected to be at school on the Friday, which is essentially a pack up day.

Fair News Spot

Check out the Worser Bay Fair Facebook page. Heaps of news and information about our Fair to take a look at, including a cool video from kids at the school. Also, like the page and spread the word about our Fair coming up on Sunday 12th November!

Running of the Balls
The prizes have been sourced, and the tickets have been printed for this iconic event held at the end of Fair Day. Tickets will be coming home with the kids next week! You will have a book of 6 tickets to sell to neighbours, friends and family…. Three fantastic prizes are up for grabs for the first three balls across the line.

Volunteer at the Fair!
We still need volunteers. Put your name down to be a Fair volunteer on the Fair Volunteer Form and help make sure the Fair is a great success. We need heaps of help from our amazing parent community. Sign up today for a role you want - you’ll have heaps of fun!

Donation Drop-off Day Coming Up
We need your good condition, intact…. clothing, baby gear, toys, games, puzzles, books to sell at the Fair. There is a weekend drop off date coming up on Sunday 1st October, 10am - midday at the Shed - the cream shed in the concrete court area behind the junior block.

Please think about the volunteers who are sorting and pricing your donations, and make sure you drop your things off well before the close time of 12pm. Thank you in anticipation.

Please do not bring in any items for White Elephant yet (aka Bric-a-Brac, Trash and Treasure). We will only be collecting these items on Fair weekend. This stall is for selling any ‘stuff’ filling up your cupboards that you no longer need, including crockery, ornaments, rugs, picture frames, sports stuff, etc.

Other drop offs can be made on Wednesdays & Fridays 8.40am - 9am or 2.45pm - 3.15pm.

There will be two more weekend drop off days on Sunday 22 October and Sunday 6 November.

Bottle Tombola
We need 100 bottles of anything (unopened, full, not expired). Donations in the past included champagne, shampoo, perfume, chilli sauce, big bottles of fancy beer, olive oils...

Please drop your donations into the box outside the school office. (Alcoholic beverages straight to the office team, please.)

Plant Stall - Call for Growers

Donate - seed raising mix, medium sized plastic pots (P5 are best), terracotta pots, garden paraphenalia or Garden Centre vouchers.
Pot up - native seedlings from your garden or divide plants that can be split and potted up (especiallly popular: cabbage trees, flax, grasses, astelia and renga renga).
Grow - cuttings, vege plants, herbs.
Get creative - such as a terranium. 

Contact Melanie Haycock if you want to get involved.

Fair Committee

Our Principal’s Awards are currently focusing on the following:

I am powerful...
  • I can think about overcoming challenges
  • I am excited about new learning and I challenge myself
  • I do not give up
  • I understand that not knowing is good
  • I take action
  • I can make decisions about my environment (sustainability)

Autahi and Tautoru
Abigail, Ella, Fabian, Jack, Hanna, Leo, Yoichi and Zac.

Matariki and Mahutonga
Eva, Flynn, Haare, Hana, Lachlan and Max.


Welcome to Fabian who already has a sibling at Worser Bay School.

We look forward to guiding your development and learning.

Raffle Tickets to Fund More Traps

 The raffle for the trap will be drawn out of a hat at Karakia on Monday 25th September

Thanks for your time,
The Worser Bay School Trapping Team

Whole School - Eco-House Minecraft Competition

We have found a Minecraft Competition that we want to enter. We thought that other students might want to enter as well. Nicola will send in the entries, so please email them to Nicola by next Friday 29th September

"How do you put ‘Eco’ into a Home?
So, what are we looking for in the perfect Eco-House? Some of the key elements will be:

Low environmental impact:  How does it fit with the world around it? We want to see a minimal impact on the environment – both in construction and on-going use.

Sustainable:  We want to see use of sustainable materials in the construction.

Energy-efficiency:  How energy efficient is the house? Construct it so that it makes best use of renewable energy resources, for heating and lighting, etc.

Overall, you need to create us a building that’s friendly to the environment around it – and explain why you think it is."

You can find out more at https://interfaceonline.co.nz/minecraft2017/
By Thomas, Lachlan, Hugo W and Alex B


Positive Accomplishment 
On Monday we had our Student-Led Conferences and Learning Scavenger Hunt. This is a wonderful opportunity for our children to lead their parents through some of their learning and to celebrate all of the hard thinking and working we’ve been doing. I was so proud of how well everyone articulated and reflected on their goals. I’ve already seen people taking action towards working on their new goals! Have a look at the Blog to see more about this.

Sand Toys 
We’ve got some new toys for the sandpit and we have been so responsible, looking after them, making sure they are all brought back in after play time! We are having so much fun with them. We are building and creating and working together and sharing! If you have any old sand toys at home that you don’t use anymore, we’d be happy to take them off your hands! 


SLCs in Tautoru
Over the last week our children have been leading their parents in discussions around their learning goals and accomplishments. It was so wonderful to see and hear everyone sharing their learning with pride and confidence. Our children did such a good job. Whanau participated in a Scavenger Hunt with their child and got to experience many of the exciting things we get up to at school. Head over to our Blog to find out more.

Positive Health
Our Inquiry around the Power of our Bodies has led us down all sorts of exciting and interesting pathways. This week we were “Taking Action” in our challenge to create a fitness routine that would strengthen and exercise our whole body! Check out our Blog to see all sorts of routines that get our heart rate going.


Gabrielle & Wanwan’s Whanau Group - Celebrating Character Day
We worked in our whanau groups to explore different character strengths we used at different times. We were creative and brave in making up plays, explored perseverance making butter and teamwork in making our own games. 

International Dot Day
Last Friday was International Dot Day. We have been thinking about the Character Strength of Creativity. 

International Dot Day is named for the classic Peter H. Reynolds storybook "The Dot". The book shares the story of a girl who begins a journey of self-discovery after a caring teacher challenges her to “make her mark".  You can read more here.

Listen to the story read beautifully by Emelia on our Blog. 

Being Powerful: Learning to negotiate and be peacemakers
We have started learning some negotiating skills so we can sort out problems and walk away with both people feeling good about the solution.

Our Catch Up with Auroa School
Orla: Today we skyped Auroa School. We talked about our learning. They were talking about how they got to choose their own learning around the STEM subjects. Some of them chose trapping and some grew bacteria from Mr Webb's phone.

Hana: We talked about our Inquiry. They had a camera that they put in the bushes so they can see the pests. They 3D printed platforms to put cat biscuits or peanut butter to attract the animals. Here are some of the images that they have captured.

Peter: The kids at Auroa School played the game that me and Ollie made up. They said that it was a bit like piggy in the middle. The aim of the game is to not let the person in the middle catch it. It was exciting that they played our game.

Check out Auroa School's Blog.

Little Garden School Kit
School Kit have kindly given us a Little Garden Classroom Kit. In the kit there is a box of 30 seed pots that contain seeds, soil pods, pots, labels, growing instructions and a class seedling tray with a sprouting and re-potting guide. This year Little Garden has a pollination theme and the seeds are an assortment of 3-4 bee-loving, flowering plants. 

Our Student Council Gardening Group have set to work. Watch this space!


Hutt Central play our game!
As part of our Inquiry, we made up our own games. We were very excited to receive 19 letters from Hutt Central School who played our game.

Dear Hutt Central School,

Thank you so much for our letters. It was really cool that you played our game. Thank you for all of the advice. We will put the levels in to try and make our game more interesting. 

We are glad that you found it simple to play. We like how you said that it improves your accuracy. It improves ours too.

If you get a goal, you get a point. We need to include these in our instructions. The person with the most points win the game.

We like the suggestion that if we get a goal then you can give someone a dare.

From D, M and H

Eastern Zones Floorball 

At Floorball I used the character strength Bravery because I've never played before. I also used the character strength Perseverance because when I was goalie it was hard to block the ball but I kept on going.

Carolyn Brett,
17 Sep 2017, 15:06
Carolyn Brett,
17 Sep 2017, 15:06
Carolyn Brett,
17 Sep 2017, 15:06