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Week 6 - 1 September 2017

Kia ora e te Whānau o Whetūkairangi

Last Tuesday all of our teaching staff around half of our parent community and even some of our 'yet to officially start' parents had a great night out!

The Wellbeing Workshop lived up to its title in so many ways. Your feedback continues to come rolling in and I'm pleased it wasn't just me who was all hyped up about it!

For those of you who couldn't make it this week, I am going to do a quick summary of what was covered and also very soon we will have a dedicated 'Positive Education' section on the website that we will keep adding to..... so you can get up to / keep up to speed. Plus the Class Blogs always have plenty of 'Pos Ed' news.

The rundown:

Music - to evoke positive emotion
Breathing - to promote positive health
Mixing and Mingling BINGO activity - to encourage positive relationships
A little experiment to highlight 'the Power of the Question' and how questions can determine the reality.

About 5 years ago I asked the question "How can we build greater resilience in our children?". This created my reality in terms of intensive study for 2 years in Positive Psychology and, later, what this means in a school setting, Positive Education. "The science of wellbeing combined with best practice teaching" - I stress the word SCIENCE.

I shared an excerpt from the Prime Ministers Chief Science Adviser, Sir Peter Gluckman's very recent discussion paper concerning youth suicide, a sobering read. I highlighted his concern that children are too protected from 'emotional stress and aren't prepared for the risks and rigours of adolescence'. I highlighted the piece about changing context of a young person on Page 1.

This is not a choice, an addition or a nice to. Primary Schools (and ECEs) must get on board!

For the last 18 months or so, I have been leading the teachers in the learning, encouraging the living part...  (I mentioned, it's actually work!) and they have been engaged in the teaching - now it's the embedding firmly within the culture of our community.

We know from your feedback that you are on board, it isn't a hard sell - that many of you are working on aspects already. This focus at WBS on the Whole Child is very alive and well.......... well! It is important for us to be continuing to ask the right questions, be deliberate about the language we use...... learn from what works in our quest for our children to become resilient teens and, one day, adults.

After all - one of my well worn quotes:

"The words you speak become the house you live in" (Hafiz)

We shared some of the work we have been doing with the children in the form of a movie:

We also introduced some live children! Janne, Elliott, Yoshi and Hadley gave first hand accounts of growth mindsets in Maths and also Kaizen goal setting (small incremental, manageable steps).

The teaching staff ran a series of hands on activities that introduced parents to our model of Positive Education which comes from Geelong Grammar School. We know this is heavily researched and based on science - not a grab bag of "do these 5 things and you will be amazing and all of your problems will disappear!"

Once again, I stress the word Science.

We were also very fortunate to have 2 of our parent community supporting our work in this field:

Natalie Hogg:

When I was at school in Ireland a “whole child" education was one that incorporated music, sport AND academics. The development of resilience and psychological wellness was certainly not part of the fabric of the education system. Now I work as a Clinical Psychologist in health and sport environments. I often see clients with immense talent and ability who have yet to realise their potential due to this lack of psychological resilience and wellness.

At the same time, I have watched my twin five year olds embark on their first year at Worser Bay School with both excitement and trepidation. I have a firm belief that my role with them is as much about developing their ability to be connected, to find ways to cope with challenges, and to find ways to achieve their goals, as it is about reading, writing and arithmetic!

It is so easy to become overwhelmed by parenting advice flying at us from all angles. The all-knowing Google will always produce some blog to support any and every parenting approach we care to search for. So how do we choose which line to take? Well, the research into psychological wellbeing strongly supports mindfulness approaches, growth mindset philosophies and the development of psychological flexibility. What is so important about the positive education approaches that have been introduced at Worser Bay School is that they are grounded in this evidence.

What a great opportunity we have to provide our children with consistent approaches across the school and home environments. Thank you to Jude and all of the teachers for the wellbeing session. It was wonderful to be introduced to very practical and fun strategies which we can easily use to support our children through their early lives and beyond.

Nathan Price:
  • The area of mental wellbeing had gained significant momentum over the last 5 – 10 years and the same is true in an elite and professional sporting environment. In professional rugby one of the concepts we refer to is mental fitness – we want our players to be mentally as well as physically fit, so we ensure we work on areas such as resilience, adaptability, grit, as well as building some of the protective factors that we can call on during times of high stress or pressure.

  • Some of the techniques our professional players use are:

    • Mindfulness: Our All Blacks and other professional Rugby players get taught mindfulness. This is a great way to calm the brain stem, reduce stress and re-focus, there are great apps available for this.
    • Gratitude: Being grateful is a great way to change the way you think – teaching your brain to scan for the positives instead of the negatives has a huge impact on your mood. Some of our players use a gratitude journal which we have made available, where for 21 days they write down 3 things they are grateful for. This is great for resilience and positive thinking as well as your mental health. There is evidence of this happening at Worser Bay through the gratitude trees.
    • Learning to fail: Success is a lousy teacher. By learning to fail, and accepting that, we build resilience and learn alternative ways of completing tasks. It is important that we as parents are OK with our kids failing and making mistakes. Quote from Michael Jordan "I've missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I've lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I've been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I've failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed."
    • Problem solving: We teach our players how to solve their own problems, sometimes we live in a very structured life, so to empower people to solve their own problems is great for resilience, adaptability and self-esteem.

  • The Government has recently allocated 100 million to mental wellbeing initiative including wellbeing programmes in schools

  • I also briefly touched on the importance of parents looking after their own wellbeing which included, making time for the things you enjoy, spending time on important relationships, giving back/community service, laughing/humour, having meaning and purpose, exercise and gratitude.

  • The Board believes that Worser Bay are ahead of the curve in terms of the focus they place on our children’s wellbeing – which was certainly on show last week and we are 100 percent supportive of the focus on the whole child.

Additionally, the Board introduced our SchoolDocs - online policy tool. You can find out all about that here.

As I said, we will have more material under a dedicated page ready to roll soon. Thank you for being so engaged and keen to learn together.

In appreciation to the teachers who really did a tremendous job with all those rotations well into the night!

Ngā mihi


  • Student-Led Conferences are now open for bookings
  • Fair Volunteer Form - Please fill out the Google Form below.
  • Pizza Lunch - Wednesday 6 September
  • Autahi Family Story Evening - 5.30pm to 6.30pm on Wednesday 6 September
  • Assembly - Friday 8 September
  • Year 6 Only - EBIS School Production - 11.15am on Monday 11 September
  • School Photos - Wednesday 13 September (Class and Individual Photos) and Thursday 14 September (Sports Photos)
  • School Disco - Friday 15 September
  • Lost Property Clearance - Friday 15 September
  • Yummy Stickers - Please bring in your Yummy Stickers by Monday 25 September
  • Junior School ASB Sports Centre Visit  - Tuesday 26 September. 
  • Year 3 & 4 Sleepover - Thursday 28 September

Small group Student-Led Conferences (aka SLCs) are coming up. Student-Led Conferences are a social and informal opportunity for your child to share their learning and success with you. It is always great to see the children really take charge of the conversation. If we reflect on our Positive Education model, these SLCs tick many boxes! Positive Education being The Science of Wellbeing combined with Best Practice Teaching.

This year, Mahutonga/Matariki and Tautoru have three days set aside for these. You will be booking in groups (children + their parents) for 30 minute slots during the morning. Your child will lead you through a variety of pieces of work, with prompting from you and maybe also a teacher as they mingle amongst you all.

Following this, you will have an opportunity to experience learning in action as part of the great learning treasure hunt of 2017.

Please book your session and diary either:

Friday 15 September, Monday 18 September or Thursday 21 September

Please follow the instructions below on how to book:

Enter Event Code: yu6bb
Please book a time with the area where you child is (Tautoru or Mahutonga/Matariki).
Bookings will close at midday on Wednesday 13 September

If your child is in Autahi, you will have received a different schedule via email.

A Note from the Office

Important Message re Bottom Gate on Awa Road
Please remember that, if your children come into school via the Bottom Gate on Awa Road, there is a child-proof gate and children may not be able to open it unaided.

School Driveway
Please do not use the bottom of the school driveway as a drop off zone. The yellow lines are there for a reason. Last term we had a couple of reports of near misses on the crossing due to cars pulling in and stopping there. Please help keep our children safe.

Yummy Stickers
If you have been collecting Yummy Apple Stickers or Cut-Out Labels from bags of apples, please bring them to the office by Monday 25 September. We will send them off to receive a share of $200,000 Free Sports Gear for our school.

School Payments
The following payments are now ready for payment via Online Payments on our website:
  • Voluntary Contribution - $345 
  • Seesaw Annual Subscription Fee - $10
  • Term 3 Miniball - $40 (Click on "Fees and Donations" to see this on your child's account.)
  • Junior ASB Sports Centre Visits - $13 (Click on "School Trips" to see this.)
  • Year 6 Only - EBIS School Production - $8 (Click on "School Trips" to see this.)
Term Dates for 2017 and 2018 can be found on our website together with our
 Calendar of upcoming events.

Pizza Lunch - Wednesday 6 September

On Wednesday 6 September, small individual pizzas, made in our own pizza ovens, will be available for lunch. All pizzas have a tomato sauce base and you can choose from three types of topping:
  • Cheese
  • Cheese and Ham
  • Cheese and Salami
Pizzas cost $5 each. Please order via Online Payments on our website. Please note that orders need to be in by midnight on Monday 4 September. 

Year 6 Only - EBIS School Production - Monday 11 September

On Monday 11 September, the Year 6s have been invited to attend the EBIS School Production matinee of "The Island". We will be travelling by bus to and from EBIS. There is a cost of $8. Please pay and give permission via Online Payments on our website by Wednesday 6 September

School Photo Day - Wednesday 13 and Thursday 14 September

On Wednesday 13 September and Thursday 14 September, Inspire Photography will be coming to Worser Bay School to photograph the children. Class and individual photos will be taken on Wednesday 13 Sept and Sports Team Photos will be taken on Thursday 14 Sept.

Inspire Photography is an award-winning, Wellington-based professional photography studio and they will donate 12% of sales to Worser Bay School. They offer an online ordering system and proofs will be available for viewing online approx. 2 weeks after the date of the photo shoot. You will then have 2 weeks to place an order and prints will be delivered to school approx. 2 weeks after orders have closed. 

For more information about Inspire Photography, visit their website.

School Disco - 80s Theme - Friday 15 September

We have our second (for the year) fabulous Worser Bay School Disco coming up on Friday 15 September 2017 at the Salvation Army Hall - 80s themed! We would love to get the ball rolling and start getting all the help required on board!

We have an awesome Disco Lead and he needs a team to help him out in a whole lot of roles!

The Disco is not only a great little fundraiser for our School, the children just LOVE it and it is one of their many highlights of the year.

Our Disco Lead is keen to "punch it up" a little this time around (in keeping with the theme) and would like to have a Punch/Mocktail available for adult purchase. If you have an alcohol free recipe you could contribute, we would LOVE to receive it!

He has also suggested that, given the theme and the great music that most of us know and love, adults may like to dust off their 80s outfits and join the dress up fun whilst leading by example! He is suggesting there may even be a prize in it for the best dressed adult! So if you are keen get your 80s outfits on and come and disco it with the children!

We can't wait to make this happen but need volunteers to MAKE it happen. Please see this form and let us know as soon as possible if you are able help out in any capacity by emailing parentnet@worserbay.school.nz

Many thanks,
Parent Net and the Disco Team

Online Payments via our Website

Our Online Payments system is our preferred method of payment for your child’s school expenses, and we encourage you to set up your family account today. It’s easy, convenient and open 24/7.

Parents/caregivers will need to register with our new Online Payments system. Follow the instructions there.

Fair News Spot

Calling Parent Volunteers!

Here’s a link to the Fair Volunteer Form. There will be lots of stalls at the Fair and we need around 5 volunteers per stall, heaps of helpers for set-up and pack down, people to make things such as baking, people to sort and price things, etc. Take a look and sign up today for a role you want! You’ll have heaps of fun! Please let Carolyn in the office know if you are unable to access the form.

Donations Drop-off

We want your…. Clothing * baby gear * toys * games * puzzles * books.

All in good condition. Please, nothing broken or with missing parts.

Bring them to…

The Shed, behind Tautoru, next to the little kids’ playground.

On Wednesdays & Fridays, 8.40am to 9am or 2.45pm to 3.15pm.

Household items for the Trash and Treasure stall can only be dropped off on the weekend of the Fair.

Running of the Balls - Tickets soon

Tickets for the Running of the Balls event will ready very soon. Watch this space! Here’s a sneak peak of the ticket!

For those who haven’t seen this event, the Running of the Balls involves releasing one thousand numbered plastic balls down a slope. The first three balls across the line wins a fantastic prize.

Deli Stall - Request for Rhubarb

The Deli team would like to make some delicious rhubarb and raisin chutney. We need 5kgs of rhubarb. If anyone would like to donate any amount towards this, please contact Hannah Thornton

Plant Stall - Call for Growers

Got green fingers or want to get your children involved in gardening? Start growing plants from seed now in time to sell the plants at the Fair. Seeds could include basil, chilli, spinach, bok choy, watermelon, sunflowers. Or you could try growing a terranium or two to contribute to the plant stall? This is a great activity for kids to be involved in. See the Fair Facebook Page for how to grow one. 

If you don’t want to grow anything, you could always donate potting mix, small to medium plastic or terracotta pots, or garden centre vouchers.

Contact Melanie Haycock if you have any questions.

Fair Sponsors

The sponsorship team have been delighted with the response so far from a wide range of local and national organisations who are donating to the Fair. You may wish to show your appreciation by supporting these organisations who are supporting our fantastic school. Here’s a list of our generous sponsors so far.

Aquazone Swim School

Glass of Red Hideaways


Art for Kids

Harbour City GymSports

Salon 91

Belinda Griffiths


Sewing Direct

Bel Mondo

Hoopla Kids

Staglands Wildlife Reserve



Strathmore Butchery

Borderline Framing

Jana Barrett

Strathmore Food Market

Boulcott Street Bistro


Strathmore Park Pharmacy

Bunkhouse Graphic Design

JR Duty Free

Trios on Allen

Brentwood Hotel

Kyla Cresswell

The Flower Studio

Café Polo

Miramar New World

The Larder

Central Osteopathy

Miramar Rangers

The Local Garage

Chocolate Fish Kai Moana


Tin Hut

Clay Penguin

Nicoletta's Cake Boutique

Uptown Bounce

Craig's Chemist

Noel Leeming

Wellington Airport

Donna Williams - Massage Therapist


Wellington City New World

East By West

Pukeko Pictures

Wellington Piano Servicing

Fairfax Media

Rata Studios



REAL Aotearoa Gallery

Wright & Gray Architects

Gipsy Kitchen


Write Well

Xtend Barre

Our Principal’s Awards are currently focusing on the following:

I am powerful...
  • I can think about overcoming challenges
  • I am excited about new learning and I challenge myself
  • I do not give up
  • I understand that not knowing is good
  • I take action
  • I can make decisions about my environment (sustainability)

Autahi and Tautoru
Alfred, Henry, Olive, James, Rosa, Taiga and Zola.

Matariki and Mahutonga
Angus, Janne, Ridley, Ruby and Tommy.


Welcome to Henry who already has a sibling at Worser Bay School.

We look forward to guiding your development and learning.


ASB Trip
We had such a great time practising some positive health and facing things with a growth mindset as we tried all kinds of new and different sports! Have a look at the Blog to see more about this!

Positive Emotion
Positive emotion isn’t just about feeling happy, it’s about figuring out what we are feeling, learning to express our emotions and learning to deal with all types of feelings. Did you know that in Autahi we have regular group meetings where we check-in and talk about how we’re feeling? We also practise mindfulness and gratitude by savouring a moment. Have a look at the Blog to learn a bit more!

Positive Health
Positive health is all about sustaining healthy practises for our bodies and minds! We were lucky to have Daniela lead us in some learning about muscles and Tori lead us in some Muay Thai kickboxing. We are finding ways to embed positive health into our every day, have a look at the Blog to see how we do this!


Teach us something
What do you know really well? What are you good at? Can you show us?
Soccer, tennis, ukulele, Kong Fu, animals, basketball, cricket, ballet .... The list went on and on! 
Come to our Blog and find out more!

We think it is the Olympics training day
On Tuesday we had a day to grow our muscle and use our growth mindset.

Nye: It was super because of all the new sports we learnt!

Cameron: It was fantastic because I got to learn how to play Floorball.

Otto: It was unbelievable because we get to do so many cool sports.

Zac: I cried because I tripped over a hockey stick and landed on my face, but I got up.

Scott: I found tip-tapping in Futsal difficult because I kept tapping it too hard. It’s a skill!

Cooper and Coco: I learnt that a Futsal ball and a football is different, Futsal balls are heavier because the Futsal court is smaller and it doesn’t need to go as far.



Planting veggies and LEARNing about physical health
We have been planting vegetable seedlings in our veggie gardens - they’ll help us with providing good nutrition. We’ve also been learning about physical health and making goals using LEARN:
  • Learn to reflect and give yourself feedback
  • Exercise
  • Attitude
  • Rest
  • Nutrition

Irene Van Dyk coaches Worser Bay Ferns and Worser Bay Unicorns!
We were incredibly lucky last Monday morning to have Silver Fern Superstar, Irene van Dyk, come and coach our 2 Netball teams.

We did lots of drills and then had question and answer time with her. We learnt that:
  • if you want to be a Silver Fern shooter, you need to practice AT LEAST 100 shots a day
  • her nickname is 'eyes'
  • it took her 9 years to get into a rep team!!!!
  • when someone has their arms up blocking you - just push them down!
  • being short is good because you are nippy and quick
  • if someone is pushing you - SKILL ALWAYS BEATS ARGY BARGY
  • she is very, very, very tall
  • she travelled to NZ, Australia, Malaysia and England to play for the Silver Ferns.

How much rubbish do we have in our lunchbox?
We've been looking at what kind of packaging our food comes to school in. We're learning about how to conduct a statistical investigation. In Nicola and Gabrielle's Maths groups, we thought of three categories our food could be wrapped in: 
  • food with no wrapping that will only leave compost
  • food with reusable containers or plastic
  • rubbish
We got out our lunch boxes and tallied up the totals, and ...
  • 113 items with compost material
  • 52 items with a reusable wrapper or container
  • 83 items of rubbish
Can we do better? Yes, we can! Please help us to reduce the number of things with single use plastic.

Students at Island Bay School trial Matilda and Lily's game
Read about it on our Blog. 

Mistakes help our brains to grow
Students crumpled a piece of paper and threw it at the board (maybe with some feelings of frustration). Students retrieved their paper, smoothed it out and traced the creased lines with a coloured pen - this represented the brain growth. Synapses grow in your brain.

We will display the paper to show them the importance of making mistakes.
Study Skills; Learning from mistakes by Jo Boaler

You usually think that mistakes are bad, but they actually they help your brain grow. When you make mistakes, it makes your synopsis fire up, which help brain growth. For example, Edison created the light bulb, and other cool inventions, but actually his teacher said he was too stupid to learn. Edison persevered and made 1,000 mistakes. When a reporter asked him about his mistakes, he said they weren't mistakes, they were small steps.
By Alex B

The Castle in the Playground
A group of productive, inspired Senior students have been building an amazing fort using the materials we have in the playground. It appears like the most fantastic of structures, one which might continue to grow, step by step until it reaches the clouds. And the kids who built it? It has become their Castle! Read about it on the Blog. 

The fort under construction

Carolyn Brett,
20 Aug 2017, 14:40
Carolyn Brett,
20 Aug 2017, 14:40
Carolyn Brett,
20 Aug 2017, 14:40