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Week 6 - 9 June 2017

Kia ora e te Whānau o Whetūkairangi

These short weeks are a bit interesting. I hope your whanau enjoyed some extra time together and stayed warm and well!

Over the next couple of weeks we will have you all popping in and out for your child's Progress Meetings. This is a time when you meet with the base group teacher alone, without the children present, so it really is a good opportunity to chat about all the things you want to without their ears in the room, so to speak!

At these Meetings, you will also receive the first written report of the year. For some children, this will also include what is known as an 'interim OTJ' and for others a 'final OTJ' against the National Standards in Reading, Writing and Maths. An OTJ = Overall Teacher Judgement. The report will also include a piece about other areas of value - around character strengths, wellbeing, learner attributes, key competencies.... all those wonderful skills we need to be whole.

If it's all sounding a bit like educational gobbledy gook - don't worry- the teacher will talk you through and use diagrams and examples as they go if they are needed and explain the timing around OTJs. It's a little complicated and we all learn in different ways!
If you have a child new to school and/or in Autahi, things will also look slightly different. You will have been/will be contacted by the base group teacher to let you know what's what. They will sort you!

I love this simple double helix created by the International Positive Education Network. I think it sums up the way in which we are wanting to talk 'progress'. What we do know is that it takes both to enable a child to flourish. Let's keep that in mind as we discuss where they are at and how we support their development.

Ngā mihi

Our Principal’s Awards are currently focusing on the following:

I am connected... 
  • I can build relationships with others
  • I can communicate clearly
  • I can be part of a team (collaborate and contribute)
  • I can connect to my place, the environment and globally

Autahi and Tautoru
Ella, Romy, Suki-lee, Vera, Greta, Luc, Nye and Zayden.

Matariki and Mahutonga
Alex P, Ollie E, Kaia, Dylan, Megan, Zach, Hana, Hunter R, Joni, Luca and Matilda.


Welcome to Rosa and Nell and their family who are new to Worser Bay School.

Welcome, too, to Inigo, Edie and Ocean who already have siblings at Worser Bay School.

We look forward to guiding your development and learning.

Year 4-6 Swimming Sports - 20 June 2017 - 9.30am to 11.30am

As per the email on Tuesday evening, the annual Worser Bay Swimming Sports is coming up fast! It is a good opportunity for our Year 4-6 students to demonstrate what they have been learning during Swimming Lessons alongside some competitive challenge for those who choose it. Please diary Tuesday 20 June from 9:30am at the Wellington Regional Aquatic Centre in Kilbirnie.

Competitive events include both 25 and 50 metre Freestyle, 25 metre Backstroke, Breaststroke and Butterfly. We will be needing some parents to assist with giving places and recording the results. If you are willing to help out on the day, please email John. The event begins at 9:30am with Freestyle events and then progresses through all other events in the above order. There may be the need to run heats for some events depending on the number of swimmers, but, once underway, the races happen quickly. We only have the pool booked for two hours so will be concluding by 11:30am.

John has shared a Google Doc with all students so that they can sign up to the races they are keen on. Please note that each child can enter in a maximum of three events

Students who choose not to participate in the competition will have a series of fun races and relays so that they can still enjoy the event.  

There is a cost of $10 per child. Please pay via Wrap It Up

Nga Mihi    

John, Gabrielle, Anna and Nicola  

Two Extra Special Whole School Community Learning Experiences coming up soon!

  • Matariki Festival Day - Monday 26 June (see details below)

  • Arts Celebration - Tuesday 4 July or Wednesday 5 July - anytime between 5pm and 7pm

Matariki Festival Day - Monday 26 June

Take the opportunity to come to school, plant a native tree with your child/ren and spend some quality time sharing in their learning, and, if time permits, share some morning tea or lunch kai with them.

When the days are at their shortest, we optimistically think about new beginnings. It is a time of celebrating being together, thinking about the Tupuna who have come before us and appreciating family. It is a time of giving. Over the last few years, we have done this as a Koha Aroha, a gift of love rather than a material thing. This year, we will continue this theme but also we are continuing to focus our attention on Tane te Wananga, the bringer of knowledge, or Tane Mahuta, the god of the forest. To enhance this theme, Whanau will be invited to the school; we will give each family a tree to plant on our hillside, contributing to the restoration of Tane’s Cloak. It is a different way of giving and something which we hope will connect children and families to our special place, Whetukairangi, for many, many years to come.

In the past, Winter was also a time for Nga Toi or the Arts, and this year our Matariki celebration will coincide with a day in which we consciously seek an ‘Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence’. There will be groups of students working throughout the school on different Arts projects connected to Matariki, linked to the environmental theme. After planting we would love you to share with the wider Worser Bay Whanau in some learning time in the classroom. There will be a wide range of activities and learning experiences happening throughout the school.

It is going to be amazing day!

Ka Mau te Wehi; Grasp the Magic!

Here’s a Glossary to help you out if you need it:
Kai - food
Tupuna - ancestors
Whanau - family
Whetukairangi - Stargazers - This is the name of our unique Pa site known these days as Worser Bay School.
Matariki - is the Māori name for the cluster of stars also known as the Pleiades. It rises in mid-winter – late May or early June. For many Māori, it heralds the start of a new year. Matariki literally means the 'eyes of god' (mata ariki) or 'little eyes' (mata riki).

DETAILS - we are aiming for an element of smooth operation, we will see!


There will be 2 main opportunities for families to plant on our hillside on Monday 26 June.
  • Between 8.00am and 10.00am 
  • Between 2.30 - 3.30pm
For those of you who are more flexible, feel free to pop in anytime during the day - this will work too, to avoid bottlenecks!

For families planting during the school day - after 9.00am and before 3.00pm

Students will be working in whanau groups which means your children will be working together in the same space.

There will be plenty of signage up in the staffroom windows and classrooms so that you know where to collect your children. Just look for your surname.

Parents will need to sign their children in and out of the workshop. This is so that everyone can be accounted for in the event of an emergency.

Everyone is invited to come and share kai at morning tea or lunch time with your child/ren. Families will need to bring their own kai. Yes it’s BYO!


What happens if I can’t make it to plant with my child/ren?
Don’t worry if you are not able to make it. No-one will miss out.
  • You can organise for your children to plant with another family yourself or 
  • Let your base group teacher know and we can buddy them up with a friend. 
How will we know where to plant ?
There will be a map and some helpers down the hillside to help you.

Do we need planting and gardening equipment?
No - it will all be provided.

What happens if it is wet or windy?
Bring your gumboots and a raincoat as we will be planting rain, hail or shine.

What are we planting?
Small native plants

Will the children be allowed down the hillside?
No - not without adult supervision at all times.

What about the Kai?
This will be at the usual time: Morning Tea at 11.00am - 11.40am  and Lunch at 1.00pm - 1.40pm
You will be able to sit with your child/ren and share morning tea or lunch. Then you are welcome to stay and ‘hang out’ with your child during these times. It will be business as usual!

What are the workshops about?
We will be basing our arts workshops around Matariki and appreciation of nature and our environment. We will be exploring and using natural resources from in and around our place. Our collaborative artworks will be displayed the following week as part of our Arts Celebration.

We would love to invite parents as mentors (just like Grow your Mind Day) 

Who shall I contact if I can stay and help or run an arts workshop for a small group?
Contact your base group teacher. They will assign you to the group your child/ren are in.

Interested in why the focus on Appreciation of Art and Beauty? 
Find out in next week’s Newsletter as Jude will talk more about that then- this week’s is too newsy already!

Arts Celebration - Tues 4 July or Wed 5 July - between 5pm and 7pm

We are gearing up for our annual Arts Celebration where students will be show casing their artwork over two nights. One year we focus more on dance, drama, music and the following more on visual art. This year is visual. You will get to see the finished products from our Matariki workshops as well as students learning in this term’s Inquiry.

There will be a range of individual pieces and collaborative pieces on display in and out of the classroom. There will also be some interactive science displays from students in Mahutonga.

As many of you you will already be aware, this will be an event of colour and excitement and is not to be missed. Be sure to tell family and friends to come along and celebrate the arts with us.

We do like to go the extra mile!

When: Tuesday 4 July and Wednesday 5 July between 5.00pm and 7.00pm

Where: Worser Bay School

A gold coin donation, please.



On Tuesday we went on a trip to Te Papa and the Museum of City and Sea. Because we have been learning about NZ and how the land has changed over time in our Inquiry, we thought seeing some of how NZ used to be would be great for helping us understand. We got to see so much and got a chance to be explorers and researchers ourselves!

Exploring Maths 
Maths has been so much fun recently! We’ve been using lots of fun things like playdough, dice, dominoes and the abacus! Some of us have been liking it so much that we have been playing “maths” as well! Have a look at the Blog to see more!

Te Reo
We have been learning how to ask and answer questions about the days and months in Te Reo. We have a Te Reo calendar up on our windows to help us practise. Last term we became really great at asking how someone was and learning how to respond. You can find the phrases we use in Tautoru on our Blog so that we can keep up the practice at home. 

Museum Trip
Our trip to the Museum of City and Sea and Te Papa was fantastic! We got to see some wonderful exhibitions that took us back in time to what NZ used to be like in the past. This trip really helped us understand what life was like in NZ many years ago and realise how different it is now for us. Thanks, parent helpers, too!


  • Order your WBS Hoodies now - order by 3pm on Friday 23 June
  • Book your Progress Meeting - by 9am on Monday 12 June
  • Eastern Zones Cross Country - Wednesday 14 June
  • Pizza Lunch - Wednesday 14 June
  • Ceilidh - Saturday 17 June - Tickets are on sale until 2.30pm on Friday 16 June
  • Year 4-6 Swimming Sports - 9.30am - 11.30am on Tuesday 20 June
  • Wig Wednesday - Wednesday 21 June
  • Assembly - Friday 23 June
  • Lost Property Clearance - Friday 23 June
  • Matariki Festival Day - Monday 26 June
  • Arts Celebration - Tues 4 July or Wed 5 July - come at anytime between 5pm and 7pm
  • Please diary - Additional holiday in Term 3 - School will be closed on Friday 25 August 2017
  • Please diary - School Fair - Sunday 12 November
  • Term Dates 2017 and Calendar
  • Take a look at our Blogs! www.worserbay.school.nz/blogs 
  • The following payments are now due:
    Voluntary Contribution - $345 
    Seesaw Annual Subscription Fee - $10
    Swimming Lessons - now due 
    Senior Swimming Sports - $10
    Year 5 & 6 Netball - $31

All payments via Wrap It Up please.

Progress Meetings

Please book your Progress Meetings with your child's base group teacher if you are parents in Tautoru or Mahutonga/Matariki.

If your child is in Autahi or new to the school, there is a different schedule and you will have received an email.

Last term teachers met with you and your child to discuss how the year had started and set some specific goals looking ahead. This term it's an opportunity for parents to meet with the base group teacher (without children present) to learn more about progress to date, including progress against the National Standards in Reading, Writing and Maths. At this time, you will also receive a written report. 

Next term it's Student Led Conference time and then the Final Reporting Meeting (again without children) occurs in Term 4. 

These Progress Meetings are to be held from Tuesday 13 June until 23 June.  

Bookings will close Monday 12 June at 9am.

Please follow the instructions below:
Enter the Worser Bay School Code:  ws989

Worser Bay School Ceilidh

It's that FUN time of year again when we have what is becoming an annual tradition for the Worser
 Bay School and the WIDER community - our Ceilidh.
Last year it was so much fun and people are still reminiscing over the fun that they had!  Tickets are now on sale via Wrap it Up so get purchasing - invite as many friends as you can along - we want this to be our biggest and best one yet! 

For those of you who don't know, a Ceilidh is a social event with Scottish folk music and traditional dancing. The band will lead us though the dances and there will be folk there who have danced before, so if you have never been to a Ceilidh before, now is your chance. It's the best fun you can have with tartan on!

Date: Saturday 17th June
Time:  7pm - 10.30pm
Place:  Scots College Hall
Cost:  $35 (includes light supper and snacks) 
Cash bar
Live Scottish Band

Tickets bought via Wrap It Up can be collected from the school office on Fridays only after school drop off or school pick up.

Families from the wider community can purchase their tickets via Parent Net. Please email: parentnet@worserbay.school.nz. Payment can be deposited into the following account:

Worser Bay School Trust
(Ref: Ceilidh and Name)

So, let's make this happen and let's make it BIG! We are all so looking forward to it and can't wait to see all of you and more there!

The Ceilidh Team and Parent Net

Worser Bay School Sweatshirt/Hoodie

Available by Order - Limited time only!

Worser Bay has its very own, beautifully designed, branded hoodie!  

There is an option to add your child's name to the lower back of the sweatshirt - makes for easy identification of child and hoodie!!

Price:  $45     Named Hoodie - Price:  $50
Sizes are:  S, M, L, XL     Sample sizes are in the office.  

These are available only by Order via Wrap it up. Orders will close Friday 23 June.

Profits go to the school as part of our annual fundraising.

A Note from the Office

School Closures
Please note that school will be closed on 
Friday 25 August for a mid-term break in Term 3.

Voluntary Contribution Receipts
Thank you to those of you who have already paid the Voluntary Contribution. Remember, Voluntary Contributions are tax deductible – see http://www.ird.govt.nz/non-profit/np-donations/school/ for more information.

Voluntary Contribution Receipts can be downloaded from Wrap it Up. Log on to Wrap it Up and click on "My Transactions". When you locate the amount you've paid for donations, click on the "View" button, this will take you to a screen where you can print the Tax Receipt.

Please park responsibly when dropping off your children to school. When cars are parked on both sides of Nevay Road at school drop off / pick up times, buses are unable to get through. 
Warning - Please do not use the Worser Bay School driveway as a drop off zone. There was a near miss involving a young child on the footpath at the bottom of the school driveway last year. The yellow lines are there for a reason!

Big News from Wrap It Up

Wrap it Up is merging with Kindo, a similar software package for online payments. The merge means moving to the Kindo platform which Worser Bay School has chosen to do as it will enhance the school’s online payment system.

Three years ago Worser Bay School was the first school in Wellington to implement Wrap it Up’s online payment system and we have found it extremely beneficial for both the school and the community.

The Kindo system is very similar in its functionality to Wrap it Up with some improvements, including multiple children from the same family showing on the screen together, one login per family reducing transactions and logins.

We really appreciate our school community using Wrap it Up. The transition to Kindo will take place towards the end of this term. We will keep you updated on details regarding registration, etc, via the Newsletter and our website.

If you find using the Kindo platform a bit tricky, we will be doing workshops on how to use Kindo in the first week of Term 3:

Tuesday 25 July 9am or Wednesday 26 July 2.30pm in the staffroom

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. If you wish to have a sneak peek at the Kindo website, go to www.kindo.co.nz.

Pizza Lunches

On Wednesday 14 June, small individual pizzas will be available for lunch. All pizzas have a tomato sauce base and you can choose from three types of topping:
  • Cheese
  • Cheese and Ham
  • Cheese and Salami
Pizzas cost $5 each. Please order via Wrap It Up. Orders are due by 9am on Tuesday 13 June.

The pizzas will be handed out by area (Autahi, Tautoru and Mahutonga/Matariki), therefore it is important that you order under each child's name separately (if you are ordering for two or more children).

Pizza Lunches - Term 2
This term, we will once again be having one Pizza Lunch fundraiser per month. The remaining Term 2 Pizza Lunch will be on 5 July. As with the Sausage Sizzles, you can order in advance for the whole term via Wrap It Up.


On Wednesday 21st June the Child Cancer Foundation is doing a Wig Wednesday. Everyone will wear a wig to school and do a gold coin donation to Child Cancer Foundation. It is for the kids who had lost their hair during treatment. There will be a donation bucket at each base group.
By Steph

We have been writing some poems about the wind and how it might feel!

Check them out on our Blog!


ASB will donate $500 to WBS if....

If you are a parent, staff member or member of the school community and draw down a new ASB home loan of $250,000 or more, ASB will donate $500 to Worser Bay School. Visit www.asb.co.nz/schoolbanking for more information.

How it works:
Mention this school donation offer to your ASB banker when you apply for a new ASB home loan. The supporting success in your school promotion is only available when you apply for a new home loan through an ASB branch, Mobile Lending Manager or by calling us on 0800 100 600.

Your new home loan application must be received, approved and then documented in a facility agreement, along with the completed school voucher, before the 30 June 2017. This home loan offer is only available on loans secured by an owner-occupied residential property provided to ASB, with a minimum of 20% equity.

Once your home loan is fully drawn down, ASB will donate $500 to your chosen participating school.

Download and complete the School Voucher to participate in the supporting success in your school promotion.

Terms and conditions apply, see voucher. Promotion ends 30 June 2017.


Carolyn Brett,
29 May 2017, 15:57
Carolyn Brett,
29 May 2017, 15:57
Carolyn Brett,
29 May 2017, 15:57