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Week 6 - 18 November 2016

Kia ora e te Whānau o Whetūkairangi

Well, we talk about building resilience and we have certainly needed it this week....... we have had everything - earth, wind and water........ that's enough!

How incredible to have that small window in a difficult week on Sunday 13 for our Fair. And what a tremendous atmosphere.... what a great team effort...... what a wonderful community to be part of.

Please come to the Chocolate Fish this evening. This is for all the help you have given the school this year - this is a big thanks from the Board of Trustees who are looking forward to chatting and getting to know more members of the community.


Chocolate Fish Cafe, Shelley Bay

Date:    Friday, 18 November
Time:   5.00 - 6.30 pm

This is a 'family friendly' event. The Board will supply platters for adults. Drinks for adults and and drinks/food for children can be purchased by parents. If it's fine, it will be magic. Plenty of room for children to play, parents to mingle and a great opportunity for us to thank you for your energy!

We had a wonderful turn out and good fun last year - so come along!

This week, many of you have also been up at school meeting with teachers as they report on where your child/ren is at in relation to the National Standards for Reading, Writing and Maths. If you are new to this, rest assured it does get easier to comprehend the more meetings you attend and the more conversations you have! Even though these written reports are mainly based on National Standards, you will see and hear more about your 'whole child', we hope!

At the moment, teachers are also pulling all of the National Standards Data together, analysing carefully as they look at different cohorts, gender, national priority learners - Māori and Pasifika.

We are aiming to have this completed early December, in order to have some downtime over the holidays and be very well planned for February!

So, watch this space, as we will celebrate, plan for improvements and share via the newsletter.

Ngā mihi

Our Principal’s Awards are currently focusing on the following:

I am powerful... 
  • I can think about overcoming challenges 
  • I am excited about new learning and I challenge myself 
  • I do not give up
  • I understand that not knowing is good 
  • I take action 
  • I can make decisions about my environment (sustainability)

Autahi and Tautoru
Emily, Evie, Finley, Octavia, Dylan, Finlay and Rafaela.

Matariki and Mahutonga
Eleanor, Josie, Megan, Ollie, Perry, Molly J and Sam Sh.

I AM POWERFUL - Perseverance and Resilience

The focus for this term is about personal power...... well, this week an extra award must go to the staff:


With the flooding, then the earthquake, it's been more of a, what could I say...., 'trying' week than most. The staff naturally have had their own things going on .........,but needed to work through this quickly together and be the best they could be for the children. They have been truly powerful and resilient...., and, as far as the aftermath of the flooding, trying to persevere with the dampness and smell and .... lack of space for Reporting Meetings!

LINKS you may find useful:

The Ministry of Education has developed some practical tips for you and your communities that may be useful:


Wellbeing campaign and has some great recommendations for wellbeing:

The Worry Bug:

Wellington Region Emergency Management:

A great piece on RNZ this week too:

I thought you might be interested in this page http://www.radionz.co.nz/national/programmes/ninetonoon/audio/201824236/parenting-through-earthquakes-and-tsunami-warnings from Radio New Zealand.

Updated Letter from Stephanie Hayes' Parents

Please read the Letter from Stephanie Hayes' Parents about Stephanie's suppressed immunity.


This week we worked in different groups. We listened to the story Rainbow Fish. Have a look at our blog to find out some more!

Koru Exploration 
We have done some beautiful koru patterns and designs. Take a look. 


Computer Maths is one component of our Maths programme. Our Year 3 students have been sharing what they do with our younger students.

Each week, they get a portal to work through and can access videos, games and tasks and they can choose activities at their level.

You can access the portal by clicking on this link: http://bit.ly/2fTiqAE

Students with Their own Google Apps accounts can log onto our Maths Hub at home/school by logging on with their school Gmail account:



Geometry, Algebra, Measurement

Sunflower Art
Our Inquiry is about growing. We made sunflower art using pastels.

If you missed last week’s Assembly, you can watch the Assembly Fiesta here!

Imagine Poems
We read a poem called Imagine by Pie Corbett. We closed our eyes and imagined. We played with words to paint a picture. Some of us used repitition, similes, metaphor, alliteration and personification. You can read some of our poems on our blog.


School Leavers 

Children will be able to download a copy of their documents from their school Google Apps accounts using Google Takeout as a means to allow them to easily transfer a copy of all of their content from their school account to their own account.

Children will need to:
  • Log into their school Gmail account
  • When they are logged in, click here: Google Takeout
  • Select what you would like to download 
  • Click on “Create Archive”
A file will be downloaded onto your computer

Children will no longer have access to their Google Accounts after the 18th December.

If you have any questions, please speak with Steph.

  • Sign into your Parent account at https://app.seesaw.me
  • Click on your Profile Icon on the top left
  • Click on the Gear Icon
  • Click on Account Settings
  • Click on Download Journal Archives
  • Click on the Download Zip button to download the archive to your computer.

Chalk Day
Thanks to the Social Group of the Student Council for organising such a great get-together at lunch on Wednesday!

Market Place
We have been finalising our preparations for today’s celebration of our Business Time inquiry - have a look to see what is for sale and our advertising.



EOTC Activities and Final Inquiry

We are looking forward to an exciting end of the year programme based around EOTC activities and a final Inquiry “What Would Tangaroa Say?” returning to our earlier focus on Marine Environments. As we approach it anew, we will be looking at it through a growth mindset lens. We will be thinking about what’s required for Tangaroa to flourish and, as a parallel, what conditions do we flourish in. It will be an opportunity for us to think about and explore upcoming changes.

The most significant thing during these weeks will be the Snorkelling run by the Island Bay Marine Reserve team lead by Julian Hodge. It is an exciting and well thought out programme. Julian ensures that the ratio of adults to students in the water is 1:2 (one adult to every two children) for optimum safety. There are three parts to the programme; a session in the pool at Kilbirnie, followed up by a session at our very own Worser Bay and then in the Marine Reserve which, by all accounts, is spectacular!

The cost for the whole programme including activities at Worser Bay Beach will be on Wrap It Up early next week. We anticipate that any profits made from the Market Place can be put toward the programme: we call that learning about finance in the real world!

Still to schedule:
  • Learn to Sail
  • Mountain Biking
  • Surf Life Saving
We will be seeking parents to assist us for all of these activities.

The Year 6 students have been working with Hamish on finishing off activities during Friday transition. Speeches and Year 6 books have been the focus of theses sessions. There will be added costs (TBA) for Year 6 students for the book and a day at H2O Extreme in Upper Hutt. We will be seeking parents to assist with transport to Upper Hutt on 7th December.


  • Post Fair "Thank You" from the Board - Friday, 18 November - 5.00pm to 6.30pm at the Chocolate Fish Cafe
  • Assembly - Friday 25 November
  • Digital Technology Self Review Survey - please complete by Friday 2 December
  • Pizza Lunch - Wednesday 7 December 
  • Sausage Sizzles - Tuesdays
  • Sushi Lunches - Fridays
  • Term Dates 2016 and 2017
  • Take a look at our Blogs! www.worserbay.school.nz/blogs 
  • The following payments are now due:
    Voluntary Contributions - the Term 4 payment is now due (if you are paying by instalment).
    Mini Polo - $35.00 (Only if your child is playing Mini Polo this term.) Please pay by 25 November.
    Year 1-4 Netball - $25.00 (Only if your child is playing Netball this term.) Please pay by 25 November.
    Floorball - $35.00 (Only if your child is playing Floorball this term.) Please pay by 30 November.

All payments via Wrap It Up please.

Pizza Lunch - Wednesday 7 December

On Wednesday 7th December, small individual pizzas will be available for lunch. All pizzas have a tomato sauce base and you can choose from three types of topping:
  • Cheese
  • Cheese and Ham
  • Cheese and Salami
Pizzas cost $5 each. Please order via Wrap It Up. Orders must be in by 9am on Tuesday 6th December.

The pizzas will be handed out by area (Autahi, Tautoru and Mahutonga/Matariki), therefore it is important that you order under each child's name separately (if you are ordering for two or more children).

Please note: We may need to change this date due to a couple of trips that are coming up - we will let you know.

Voluntary Contributions - A friendly reminder

If you opted to pay your Voluntary Contribution per term - Term 4 Voluntary Contribution payment option is now open on Wrap it Up.  We really appreciate your continued support!

Digital Technology Self Review

We are gearing up towards completing a Digital Technology Self Review. It would be great if you could complete the survey below:

Digital Technology Parent Survey

Our Chromebooks and iPads have led to incredible opportunities for our students over the last few years. The school has increased technology by around 50% in the last two years which has been so fortunate. We are relying on our learners to be connected more and more.
  • Students have their own Google Apps for Education accounts (for our Year 3-6 students) and a shared account for our Year other learners in Tautoru.

  • Teachers are using the Hapara Dashboard and can monitor what our students are creating on their Google Apps (e.g. Gmail, slides, docs etc.)

  • Students are using Seesaw across the school to share their learning.

  • We have introduced BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) for students in Years 4-6 so that they can use their devices throughout the day for collaborative learning, web-based research and applications, including creating documents and presentations.

  • We are using blogging, newsletters and our website to communicate with the community.
We would love your voice in the survey! Thank you in advance.

Surveys need to be completed by Friday 2nd December 2016.

A huge "Thank You" to our wonderful Worser Bay community for helping us to make this an amazing event!

Screen Shot 2016-11-14 at 1.33.42 pm.png

Screen Shot 2016-11-14 at 1.33.31 pm.png

Screen Shot 2016-11-14 at 1.33.13 pm.png

Running of the Balls
Congratulations to the winners of the famous Worser Bay School Running of the Balls!! It was a great event, thanks for your support to sell tickets.

This year all prizes were won by school families:

1st prize - Faith Miller
2nd prize - Molly Strik
3rd prize - Matt Calcott


Community Notices...

Worser Bay Life Saving Club - Vacancy for Hall Hire Manager
WBLSC are looking for someone local to manage their Hall Hires. The position comprises taking bookings, managing the bookings calendar, liaising/communicating/emailing with prospective hirers, showing them through hall, checking the hall has been cleaned afterwards (undamaged) and invoicing them. They have between 25-30 hires per year. 
If you are interested, please contact Dave Wells at dave.wells@xtra.co.nz 

Supporting Success in your School
If you are a parent, staff member or member of the school community and draw down a new ASB home loan of $150,000 or more, ASB will donate to your chosen participating school $500. Visit www.asb.co.nz/schoolbanking for more information.

Carolyn Brett,
14 Nov 2016, 00:54
Carolyn Brett,
14 Nov 2016, 00:54
Carolyn Brett,
14 Nov 2016, 00:54