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17 June 2016

Kia ora e te Whanau o Whetukairangi

I have chatted with some of you recently about the 'Why Am I?' TV series about the world renowned Dunedin Study. This study tracks the lives if 1037 babies born over the year 1972. There is something like 97% of these 1037 still fully participating in the research. There is also a huge amount of worldwide interest in the study as there aren't any others comparable. If you haven't seen it yet, all 4 episodes are on TVNZ OnDemand. Please find the promo blurb here:

Why Am I?
What determines our personality, health, wealth and happiness? In 1972 the Otago University Medical School embarked on the ultimate nature/nurture test, to study 1037 babies for their entire lives.

In the first episode, the importance of self-control in the early years as the determining factor is discussed. In the wonderful book, 'Willpower - why self-control is the secret to success' by Roy F Baumeister and John Tierney, Walter Mischel's marshmallow test come up a number of times and can also be viewed on 'Why am I?'. You may already be familiar with it, but, if not, you can hear Mischel discussing it on this clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XcmrCLL7Rtw

As Mischel says, we can support young children to increase their self-control, trust and cognitive skills that will allow them to make good choices. We make choices moment by moment, these add up to an enormous amount of choices over a lifetime.

Choice is creation. To choose is to create. Through my choices I create my reality. At every moment in my life I have a choice. Moments add up to a lifetime; choices add up to a life. What kind of life do I want for myself? What choices will create this kind of life?

This is why we, parents and teachers together, do need a focus on coaching children to make good choices........while knowing they, like us, may eat the marshmallow too quickly and it's called a learning opportunity!

It's interesting work and reminds us of why the class programmes, especially in the vital early years, are very much focussed on the social and emotional worlds.

Nga mihi

Our Principal’s Awards are currently focusing on the following:

  • I am connected... (with a focus on empathy) 
  • I can build relationships with others
  • I can communicate clearly
  • I can be part of a team
  • I can connect to my place, the environment and globally

Autahi and Tautoru
Finley, Yoichi, Lachlan, Matilda, Lily Ji and Tommy.

Matariki and Mahutonga
Rico, Lucie, Ben, Theo, Bella and Eleanor.

Letter from Stephanie Hayes' Parents

Please read the Letter from Stephanie Hayes' Parents about Stephanie's suppressed immunity.

Get your Wigs on for Wig Wednesday - 22 June

Get your wigs on and support the Child Cancer Foundation (CCF)!

Worser Bay School is participating in Wig Wednesday. Hundreds of businesses and schools around New Zealand are helping to raise funds for CCF. Join the fun by wearing a wig to school on Wednesday.

Please bring a donation for CCF – a donation box will be in each classroom on the day.

CCF exists to support children with cancer and their families. Their main aim is to reduce the impact of cancer by offering services to ensure children and their families are supported, informed and well cared for on their journey with cancer. One of our Year 4 students is receiving treatment for leukaemia (a type of blood cancer). So let’s show our great community spirit and support CCF.

Plastic Free Peninsula

Plastic Free Peninsula is a Worser Bay School community initiative - we aim to raise awareness of the harm plastic causes to our natural environment and encourage local action to reduce single use plastic consumption on our very own Miramar Peninsula.

We’re launching a campaign at the start of International Plastic Free Month (July) with 2 exciting events for the Worser Bay School Community.

Movie & Pizza night – 5-7pm, Thursday 30 June at Worser Bay School
Come, eat pizza and watch four inspirational short movies about plastic, why it’s a problem and see what we can do in our community to make a difference to this issue. Guest speakers and raffle prizes. Pizza $5 per person - please pay via Wrap It Up by 26th June.

Miramar Peninsula Beach Clean Up – 10am, Sunday 3 July (International Plastic Bag Free Day), meet at Worser Bay Beach
A hands-on opportunity for families to clean-up our own coastal environment and rid our beaches and rocky shore of rubbish. Meeting at Worser Bay beach, all resources (bags/gloves etc.) supplied courtesy of www.loveyourcoast.org. Students will need to be accompanied by a parent/caregiver.

Digital Tattoos

Schools and families have a responsibility to teach students the 'rules' for being a good digital citizen and all that entails. We speak of the digital tattoo, the fact that information that is shared, just like an inked tattoo, can never be fully erased. When you enrol, the school seeks permission from you as to whether we can publish images of your child in school related material, i.e. website and blogs.

Similarly, when you join Seesaw, online portfolio, you are agreeing for photos to be shared between home and school. Sometimes these photos may have a few children or teachers in them, not just your own child. Please be aware that it is our understanding, in conversation with Netsafe, that if you were to share these photos wider, you would require permission.

So, please be very careful and think about that digital tattoo and the rights of the others. The school can't take responsibility for the Digital Citizenship of parents but we can bring it to your attention.

So, is this 'ink' permanent?
When you share something online, you can lose control of it. Even if you delete a photo or post, you can’t guarantee that it hasn’t been copied or downloaded by someone else. Think about how many people you are sharing with and whether they’ll be responsible with what you share. Don’t forget, it’s easy for other people to copy what you share online, change it and share it without you knowing. Many of us didn't go through schooling in this digital age and may not be aware of the need to be mindful about the tap of a finger.

School Fair Meeting - Monday 20 June - 7.30pm in the Staffroom

Just to let you know we are now well underway and the ball is well and truly rolling to yet another successful Worser Bay School Fair on Sunday 13 November - Treasure Island here we come!!!

We have a meeting on Monday 20th June at 7.30pm in the School Staffroom, focusing now on the detail required to make it all happen! If you are keen to join and be part of this fabulous event and team, we would love to see you there. Come along and be part of it, you will love it!

ParentNet and Fair Team!

School Fair - Silent Auction, Running of the Balls and Rapid Raffle

We are currently seeking donations of goods or services for the Silent Auction, Running of the Balls and Rapid Raffle for the upcoming 2016 Worser Bay SchoolTreasure Island themed Fair. So, if you have a business, or are an individual and are keen to donate your goods or services, we would love to hear from you. Historically, items that have gone well are accommodation, art, cafes, professional services, sports memorabilia, restaurants and wine. In return, we can offer you great exposure on our various websites of Facebook, Twitter, the Fair Flyer and on the day itself.

If you are keen to donate, or want to find out a bit more, please contact either Claire Allen at claireandmattallen@gmail.com or Stephanie Wilson at asewilson@clear.net.nz.

We look forward to hearing from you,
Claire and Stephanie

School Fair - Deli Team

Any laden fruit trees or veggie gardens you can forage over the upcoming break and moving forward, to donate to be turned into jam, pickle or something tasty, would be greatly appreciated. (To make a decent batch, around 2kg is a good start.)

Please keep an eye out for Rhubarb, Lemons, Pears, Persimmons, Tamarillos, Apples, Grapefruit, Beetroot in season now. 
I can pick up from you - please text 021 264 5866, or leave at the school office.

We are still wanting any nice jars with a lid (label removed, please) or pretty bottles you could collect at home. They will be put to good use. I am also looking for someone who can de-label jars. I have lots of jars with labels on…. does this sound like you??

A BIG Thank You for produce that has already been donated - it is hugely appreciated and has been put to good use.

Thank you,
Hannah Thornton


Milk and Cookies
What an awesome evening. Thank you to all who could come along. 

Exploring the Violin
We were lucky to have an experience exploring the sound a violin makes this morning. We even had a chance to have a go ourselves too.

Matariki Ribbon Sticks
We had good fun making our ribbon sticks for Matariki. We look forward to flying them.


Spanish: Feelings and Greetings
Last week, we learnt about feelings and greetings. You can learn our songs: 
Thanks Maria!

Plastic Free Peninsula Logo Design
We have been designing logos for the Plastic Free Peninsula project. See more on our blog!

Giraffes can’t dance art
Chrissy’s base group read the story Giraffes can't dance and tried to dance like giraffes. Then we created some art out of watercolours, pencils and oil pastels. One thing we tried to do was change something about the giraffe... Take a look at some of our artwork on the blog.


Do you know how planes fly? On Monday, we learned some of the basic principles about flight and made paper planes. There are some good potential aerodynamic engineers out there!

Cross Country
Amazing Running!
We competed in the Eastern Zone Cross Country last week, giving our very best in the muddy conditions. Congratulations to all who completed the course, displaying that learner attribute 'I am Powerful'. Special mention must be made of Stirling who made it through to the Interzone event. Well done, Stirling!



Energy and grace!

Senior Swimming Sports
The senior area held our annual swimming sports this week. It was great seeing our athletes in the water giving it a go. They showed great determination and supported each other well. Thank you to those who turned up to support, and especially to those who volunteered to help. The Eastern Zones event will be held in Term 3. Notices will be sent out once we have all the details from the organisers.

Some quotes from the children:
It was challenging for those that have never done it before. Daisy

We played some fun games in the non competitive area. Next year I want to give the competitive a go. Janne

It was nerve wracking entering the competitive races for the first time. Liv

Dart Flying Poetry
We did a quick write after flying the paper planes. These poems came out of that experience. Check out our Blog to read the poems.

Making Kites for Matariki
As part of our Matariki project this year, we have been making kites. Maori sometimes flew kites during Matariki as a way of connecting with the heavens, thinking about and remembering the Tipuna who have gone before us. Read all about it on the Blog. 
Today we will find out if they fly! Fingers crossed!

Making a Manu Tukutuku

Great team work!

Capital E Visit
Mahutonga/Matariki will be visiting Capital E in base groups to do a Sports Desk News Recording: 

Monday 27 JuneHamish and his base group
Tuesday 28 JuneJohn and his base group
Wednesday 29 JuneGabrielle and her base group

The children will be recording a sports desk presentation like one on the news, with accountability for all parts of the production - presenters, interviewers, camera work, sound, etc. We will need parental permission for the clip to be uploaded to YouTube. There is a tick box on Wrap It Up for permissions. The cost is $10.00. 

We then plan to spend some time in town having lunch, visiting the City Gallery and the library. If the weather is OK we might have a look at the kina sculpture on the waterfront.

The buses will leave school at 9.10am and return by 2.45pm on each of these days.

If you are keen to help on one of these days, please contact your child's base group teacher.


  • School Fair Meeting - Monday 20 June - 7.30pm in the Staffroom
  • Get Your Wigs On for Wig Wednesday - 22 June
  • Years 3-6 - Matariki Programme at Te Papa - Friday 24 June
  • Years 1-2 - Matariki Programme at Te Papa - Monday 27 June
  • Capital E Visit - Mahutonga/Matariki Only. Each base group will go on a separate day.
    Monday 27 June - Hamish and his base group
    Tuesday 28 June - John and his base group
    Wednesday 29 June - Gabrielle and her base group
  • PFP - Movie & Pizza Night - 5-7pm, Thursday 30 June at Worser Bay School. Order your pizzas on Wrap It Up
  • Next Assembly - Friday 1 July
    • PFP - Miramar Peninsula Beach Clean Up - 10am, Sunday 3 July (International Plastic Bag Free Day), meet at Worser Bay Beach

        • The following payments are now due:
          • Voluntary Contribution - $335.00 (Full year)
          • Voluntary Contribution by Instalment - 2nd instalment is now due - $83.75 per term (or $71.25 if you made the first payment in Term 1.)
          • Swimming Lessons - $60 - Whole School (or Pro Rata rate for those who have just started school)
          • Camp - 4th instalment of $50 is now due (for those paying by instalment)
          • Netball - $27.75 - WBS Netball team only.
          • Miniball - $35.00 - WBS Miniball teams only.
          • Swimming Sports - $10.00 - Mahutonga/Matariki Only (if you haven't already paid)
          • Te Papa Matariki Trip - $10.00 for Years 1-2
          • Te Papa Matariki Trip - $12.00 for Years 3-6
          • Capital E Visit - $10.00 - Mahutonga and Matariki Only

          All payments via Wrap It Up please.

          Board Shorts: Finances

          One of the most common questions I get asked as a member of the Board is around the finances of the school. In particular, the role that fundraising plays and how it contributes to the running of the school. The starting point to this conversation is how the school is funded.

          Broadly speaking, there are four areas that our funding is broken down into, being:
          • Staffing
          • Operational Funding
          • Property Maintenance Funding (granted every 5 years)
          • Locally-raised Funds & Activity Fees
          Outside of these areas, there are specific grants for the likes of property, but this is normally for one-off projects and is a discussion for another time.

          The salaries for the Principal and teachers is provided by the Ministry of Education and is simply a calculation based on the number of students. The more students you have, the more funding you have for teachers.

          If evidence around student achievement supports it, we can choose, and have chosen, to invest in more staff resourcing, but this needs to come out of our fundraising money. 

          Operational Funding

          Operational Funding funds everything from office staff to power, rates, water, being audited, financial services, rubbish collection, broken windows, to art supplies; and is where the decile calculation comes into play. 

          Deciles are a measure of the socio-economic position of a school’s student community relative to other schools' student communities throughout the country.

          For example, decile 1 schools are the 10% of schools with the highest proportion of students from low socio-economic communities, whereas decile 10 schools are the 10% of schools with the highest proportion of students from higher socio-economic communities.

          A school's decile does not indicate the overall socio-economic mix of the school or reflect the quality of education the school provides - it's simply the way that the Ministry determines funding. The lower the school’s decile, the more funding they receive. This is because lower decile schools are likely to need to spend more to meet the needs of their learners (and are likely to have more priority learners); and their communities are less able to make a contribution.

          Worser Bay is a decile 10 school, which means we receive the lowest amount of operational funding per student that is made available. This is because we have a low number of priority learners compared to schools from lower decile areas, and our school community has a greater ability to make a contribution than lower decile communities. 

          The Operational Funding does come with strings attached. The Board is charged with ensuring that the school is fiscally responsible, financially sustainable, follows national educational and administrative guidelines, and complies with all legislative and contractual requirements.

          We are also a small school, so don't have the opportunities of scale that would exist with a larger school.

          The upshot of this is that the Operational Funding doesn’t cover everything that our school community, and we as a Board, would like to do.

          5 Year Property Maintenance Fund
          Every 5 years, the Ministry grants schools a lump sum to be used for property maintenance. It is then up to the school to budget the use of the funds over the 5 years. This requires the Ministry's approval for the property maintenance programme; and covers all the normal repairs and maintenance that you would expect that a school incurs. Because of the environment we live in and the age of our school buildings, we have reasonably significant repair and maintenance costs, however, the grant doesn’t take all of this into account.

          Fundraising and Activity Fees
          Each year the Board prepares a detailed budget for the following year. This includes our target for locally raised funds which is currently $100,000 a year. This is effectively the money that covers the gap between what it costs to run and maintain the school on an ongoing basis, and the Ministry of Education funding we receive.

          Locally raised funds are made up, almost equally, between the payment of Voluntary Contributions and fundraising events and activities like Discos, the Ceilidh, Sausage Sizzles, Pizza Lunches and the Fair.

          This money is used in a number of ways but a clear example is the decision we have made to provide extra staffing, and staffing support, for the classes. This isn’t covered by the Ministry as they stick to a standard calculation, so, having decided we need the extra staffing, we have to fund it.

          Another example of where this funding is spent is professional development of our teachers. Like any good employer, we want to ensure that our staff are best equipped to ply their trade, and in turn help our children do their best. This means that we need to pay for external support and ongoing development of our teachers – something that is not covered in any of the funding we receive. We maintain high levels of capability, knowing it's what teachers do that makes the most significant difference to student achievement.

          Some of the locally raised funds are also used on the mundane operational funding of the school - for instance, if we require further paper, scissors or crayons.

          It may also be used to top up the difference between the funding we receive for the repairs, maintenance and development of the school property (which covers the basics), and what we need to do to improve the indoor and outdoor learning environments to better meet the needs of our learners.

          At the end of each year, if there is any of the fundraising money left over, we put this to reserves to be utilized in the future. This is a difficult part of the school voluntary contributions and fundraising equation, because it requires us to strike the right balance in deciding how much of the money raised now should be spent on the children of the families that have raised it, and how much should be held back to spend further down the track.

          While this can get difficult because school developments are hard to move quickly, we look to invest locally raised funds on the children of parents who are currently at WBS, without disadvantaging future students.

          The money we currently have in reserves (plus a whole lot more that we are yet to fundraise) will be fully used in the property plan we currently have (see the school website – there’s plenty of information around this). 

          The final question
          After explaining the above, and particularly that we have reserves, the question I sometimes get asked is, why does the school charge for things like School Camp or Swimming Lessons? The fact is that not all of these things, or all of the costs of these things, are covered by the Ministry; and we don’t budget for them all under the fundraising heading. 

          The school makes a conscious choice to offer experiences for our learners. This is something that we see as important in developing the whole and every child. With these choices come costs, which is why the school has to charge for the experiences, especially when experts are brought into the school. The issue with these experiences is that these generally don’t work from an economic perspective unless we get a high participation rate of students. If we didn’t have a high participation rate then the cost of paying for expertise would have been prohibitively high and the school wouldn't be able to offer it. All children would miss out.

          When we look at these type of experiences we always try to bear in mind the cost. This means that some things we think will benefit the kids, we won’t be able to do because of cost. It’s a balancing act.

          This picture is pretty complex, and the Board has to take all of this into account as it, and the teaching team, undertake the strategic and annual planning, and then sets the Budget for the coming year.

          The Board is ultimately responsible for the school’s financial sustainability and well-being. In making these decisions, the Board is guided by the need to encourage collaboration across the school and wider community; ensure the focus is on the learning needs of the whole and every child; and is firmly embedded in and encourages knowledge building and inquiry.

          Hopefully you now have a better understanding of where our funding comes from and how we choose to spend it. 

          There is more information on the school’s website that helps explain this as well – just search ‘funding’ on the search function for helpful info graphic and previous Board Shorts that also address this.

          If you have any questions, feel free to contact me, Andy Dalziel, at andy@dotlovesdata.com

          A Note from the Office

          OfficeMax MySchool Rewards
          The OfficeMax MySchool Rewards programme has just enabled us to purchase over $900 of art stationery, paints and supplies.
          We thank our parent community for purchasing their child's school stationery through OfficeMax.

          Matariki 2016

          Matariki, as well as welcoming the New Year, has been a time to acknowledge Tupuna, the ancestors who have gone before us. Some Maori did this by flying kites as it was a way of connecting with the spiritual world. 

          Follow this link to learn more about Matariki: Matariki: Everything there is to know about it

          Friday 24 June - Years 3-6 - Te Papa Matariki Trip
          On Friday 24th June, all Year 3-6 students will be visiting Te Papa as part of the Matariki celebrations. While at Te Papa, we will be learning about Matariki and all of the things which go with it.

          The programme will involve children exploring the magic of storytelling using the visual arts medium of sand.

          Matariki has truly become a time of celebration for all New Zealanders and it is great that our kids get to experience this at Te Papa.

          We are taking the opportunity, while in the city, to visit the City Library, as well as the poetry walk on the waterfront, so it will be a full day. Students will need to bring:
          • Warm clothes
          • Closed footwear for walking
          • Raincoat
          • Packed lunch and drink bottle 
          The bus leaves school at 9.15am and will return by 2.45pm. The cost is $12.00 per child to be paid via Wrap It Up. (Please note that Years 3-6 are doing a different programme to Years 1-2, therefore it costs slightly more.)

          If you are available to accompany us, please email either John in the senior area (johnmcdougall@worserbay.school.nz) or Nicola in Tautoru (nstevenson@worserbay.school.nz).

          Monday 27 June - Years 1-2 - Te Papa Matariki Trip
          On Monday 27th June, all Year 1 and 2 students will be visiting Te Papa as part of the Matariki celebrations. While at Te Papa, we will be learning about Matariki and all of the things which go with it. The programme will involve our students exploring the magic of storytelling through drama, dance, and movement.

          Matariki has truly become a time of celebration for all New Zealanders and it is great that our kids get to experience this at Te Papa.

          Students will need to bring:
          • Warm clothes
          • Closed footwear for walking
          • Raincoat
          • Packed lunch and drink bottle 
          The bus leaves school at 9.15am and will return by 2.30pm. The cost is $10.00 per child to be paid via Wrap It Up.

          If you are available to accompany us, please email either Shona in Tautoru (sfort@worserbay.school.nz) or Kath in Autahi (kdelport@worserbay.school.nz).


          This term, the main focus for the PE curriculum is swimming. This involves every student having one weekly swimming lesson at the Kilbirnie Aquatic Centre for ten weeks. Because of numbers, students may be heading to the pools with different teachers from usual (see below). Lessons and times are as follows:

          Thursdays - 5th May to 7th July - 10 lessons

          Years 1 & 2 - 1pm to 2pm - Kath, Gillian, Chrissy and Shona
          Buses leave at 12.35pm from WBS and 2.20pm from the Aquatic Centre. 

          Years 3 & 4 - 11am to 12noon - Nicola, Scott and Gabrielle
          Buses leave at 10.30am from WBS and 12.20pm from the Aquatic Centre.

          Years 5 & 6 - 12noon to 1pm - Hamish and John
          Buses leave at 11.30am from WBS and 1.20pm from the Aquatic Centre.

          If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s base group teacher.

          The cost is $60 per childPlease pay online at www.wrapitup.co.nz. If your child started part way through Term 2, you can pay from the week you start (also on Wrap it Up under Pro Rata Swimming).

          Kia ora te whanau

          If you are one of the willing parent volunteers for swimming next term, please read the Volunteer Guidelines and get back to the base group teacher via email and acknowledge that you have read this before the first swimming session. We need to keep everyone in the community 'safe', including our parent volunteers (who we rely on so heavily!)

          Nga mihi

          Community Notices... 

          Seatoun Midwinter Gathering - Friday 17 June

          Circus School Holiday Fun!
          Two weeks of circus-themed activities for all school age children (5-15yrs)
          Single and multi-day bookings available.
          9am-3pm, 11-14 & 18-21 July
          at Wellington's Circus Hub, 11 Hutchison Rd, Newtown

          Clay Penguin Studio 
          School holiday programmes at the Clay Penguin Studio in Seatoun:
          Monday 11 July - Sitting animals
          Tuesday 12 July - Animal bowls
          All programmes run from 9-12 noon.
          Cost: $35 includes clay, materials and morning tea. (Option to have work fired for an extra $5)
          Email:  theclaypenguin@hotmail.com for a booking form.

          Maranui Swimming Club
          Maranui Swimming Club is a fun and very affordable option for families wishing to enrol their child/ren into a swimming club. The club provides swimming tuition and coaching in a non-competitive and fun environment for children between the ages of four and 18. Club nights are from 7pm until 8pm at the Freyberg Pool on a Friday night. $85 for one child for the whole year! You are required to pay normal pool entry.

          Check out the website www.maranuiswimming.co.nz for further information. You are also welcome take your child/ren along to attend a Club Night and discuss membership with one of the Committee or Coaches.

          Harbour City GymSports
          Harbour City GymSports, situated in Haitatai Park, is running a Holiday Programme in the first week of the school holidays (Monday 11th July to Friday 15th July 2016).
          Each session runs from 9am – 3pm (early pick up option of 1pm) for children aged 5 – 12 years.
          Please email us on office@hcg.org.nz or phone 386 4443 for more information and a registration form.

          Standouts: Dance, Sing and Act these July Holidays!
          Join us as we get a show on the road in 4 days!
          Tues 12th - Fri 15th July - 9am-4pm
          Tues 19th - Fri 22nd July - 9am-4pm
          6-14yrs,  St Judes Hall, Lyall Bay
          $200 per child per 4 day workshop - family discounts available.
          Email gemma@standouts.co.nz for more information.

          Hararei Holiday Programme
          The Hararei Holiday Programme will be running from 11th to 22nd of July, kids will be recommended to bring warm clothes and jackets for the duration of the holiday programme. 
          For more information and bookings: http://www.hataitai-hararei.co.nz/

          Fencing (Sword Fighting) Holiday Programme
          Where:    Baptist Church, 24 Donald McLean Street, Newtown
          When:     Wednesday 13 July and Thursday 14 July (9am – 3pm for both days)
          Fee:        $130/two days/per person
          For further information and to book a place, contact PING YUAN at nz_wfc@outlook.com or 021 059 2558.

          Artrageous Kids July Extravaganza
          July 2016 Holiday Programme 
          11–22 July (week days only) BOOK NOW
          Follow this link to view the July 2016 Schedule.
          July's regular Holiday Programme will run from 11–15 July and 18–22 July 2016 catering to children aged 5-12 years.
          Venue: Poneke Dojo, Prince of Wales Park, Salisbury Tce, Mt Cook.

          Big Kids July 2016 Holiday Programme 
          11–22 July (week days only) BOOK NOW
          Big Kids will now run for two weeks. 11–15 July and 18-22 July 2016 catering to children aged 10-14 years.
          Follow this link to view the Big Kids Week schedule.
          Our BIG KIDS week is aimed at children aged 10-14 years. Providing them with a space, focused adult attention and loads of resources. This programme is tailored to draw out older children’s interest in creating, using their imagination and their creativity in a hilariously fun atmosphere.
          Venue: Vogelmorn Bowling Club 93 Mornington Rd, Brooklyn, Wellington.

          Soccer Italian Style coming to Wellington
          18 - 22 July 2016
          Professional football coaches from Empoli Football Club and ACF Fiorentina are coming to Wellington, in the 2nd week of the July school holidays, for a week long football camp. Supported by Wellington's FUSION School of Football and Auckland's TOP Flight Football Academy - the camp will provide a great opportunity for aspiring football players (7-14 years old) to upskill and learn from 2 talented Italian football coaches.
          1 week only - $250.00  
          Limited spaces - don't miss out! For more information - please visit http://www.fsof.co.nz/sis/

          Supporting Success in your School
          If you are a parent, staff member or member of the school community and draw down a new ASB home loan of $150,000 or more, ASB will donate to your chosen participating school $500. Visit www.asb.co.nz/schoolbanking for more information.

          Carolyn Brett,
          15 Jun 2016, 22:43
          Carolyn Brett,
          15 Jun 2016, 22:43
          Carolyn Brett,
          15 Jun 2016, 22:43
          Carolyn Brett,
          15 Jun 2016, 22:43