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23 October 2015

Kia ora e te Whanau o Whetukairangi

I hope you have all had a fabulous break, energy is renewed and the dreaded lurgy has long left our fair WB shore!

My parents, being well into decluttering mode, handed me a pile of all of my school reports in the holidays ... oh ... did I laugh!  The comments were wide-ranging:  "A quiet, serious girl."; "Chatters a bit much."; "Leadership potential." ... on it went.
The words: 'pleasant girl' were well overused. I'm not sure what was meant by 'pleasant', personally. I was wondering if they couldn't think of much else to say!  The comment that really got me was: "Seems to be accepted by others."  Oh!  Read between the lines there!

It was obviously some time ago, but reading through these did make me pause and reflect on how these days teachers are expected to work hard to really know the learner ... from all angles, learn with and from them and alongside parents. It's certainly not just a couple of comments in a report once a year. So, as well as finding the whole exercise amusing, I thought about our teachers currently writing reports, the extensive discussion, the moderation of OTJs, the deep thought and care that is taken. Although the world of education is certainly a political hot potato right now, it's incredibly satisfying knowing that we belong to the 'village' who can inspire, shape and support our young people ... I consider it a privilege.

Here's to a great Term 4. Make sure the diaries have entries now, it's going to be a full one!

Nga mihi


Our Principal’s Awards for this year focus on the overall theme of Connecting and Relating. The theme for this term is: 'I am a great collaborator.'

Autahi and Tautoru:
Vienna, Mia A., Jupiter, Nela, Ollie H., Dylan, Raffy, Taiga, William S., Emelie.

Māhutonga and Matariki:
Hugo, Meg, Evie, Charlie, Hugo M., Emma McK., Alexander.

Staffing Update
Danny will be leaving us to pursue further study and Anita will also be leaving to expand her teaching horizons!
There is still almost a full term to continue to learn with them - we will enjoy that.

We also warmly welcome Gabrielle:
Hello everyone, I’m Gabrielle Meech and I’m very much looking forward to joining the teaching team at Worser Bay School for 2016. I retrained as a teacher in 2014 and have taught at Island Bay School since the beginning of Term 2 this year. I live locally, have three daughters, teach yoga and used to be a corporate lawyer and Playcentre mum (at different times!). I’m looking forward to working with your children next year and exploring the special environment you live in with them.

Sports News
With the weather starting to warm up and get more consistent we are excited to get outside and learn some more sports skills. This term, as well as having Capoeira, we will also have Hockey and Football programs happening for different areas of the school. 

Small Sticks Hockey - Years 4-6:
We are in our third and final year of the Small Sticks Hockey program run by Wellington Hockey. This is a 5 week program and will be happening on Fridays of Weeks 2-6. Please ensure that your child wears suitable footwear and clothing to attend these sessions. Excitingly, it is at no charge as it has been sponsored by Ricoh. Big thanks, Ricoh.

Football - Years 0-3:
We have a couple of members of the Miramar Rangers Football Club coming in to work with Years 0-3. This program will be similar to what we ran last year with Years 4-6 and was very successful and enjoyable. This is a 5 week program and will be happening on Thursdays of Weeks 2-6. Please ensure that your child wears suitable footwear and clothing to attend these sessions. There is a cost of $5 per child to be paid via Wrap It Up


Shake it out! Last Wednesday 9.15 am!

Welly Ed Connected Educator Month
October is Connected Educator Month, and here in Wellington we are doing our bit…

WellyEd: "Our mission is to support, inspire and collaborate, and we can think of no better way to do this but by blogging every day of October. However, let’s remember that we’re talking about the coolest little capital in the world here. We need to put our own spin on this blogging business. So, for every day of October, you will hear from our learners. Let’s call it opening the windows into our classrooms to give you a snapshot of the exciting, innovative, dynamic learning that happens daily here in WellyED".

Matariki and Mahutonga's post was published last week:


Be sure to log in every day to read blog posts from across Wellington.

Koru Art Take Two
After perseverance and some technical difficulties we finally have most of our koru art completed. Take a look. They are worth it. 

Students teaching the teachers
These boys were teaching the teachers how to use “seesaw”. We are trialling the online learning journal.


Capacity and Volume

We’re exploring volume and capacity. We figured out that the tallest cup 
doesn’t always hold the most liquid!

Animals in Danger

Scott’s reading group have been working on a Mini Inquiry into endangered or extinct animals.


Maths in the Sunshine

It’s great to be able to get outside to do some of our learning.
We took Maths outside this week. Take a peek. 

Community Role Play

We are enjoying helping to create the new role play areas in our space.
We are making a Construction Area and a Police Station. 
Look on the blog to find out more. 

  • Remember your sunhats!
  • Term 4 Netball Fees of $25.00 for Years 1, 2 & 3 are now due.
  • Football Years 0-3 - $5.00 (see Sports News)
  • Order your Pizza - see below. 
  • Voluntary Contribution 2015 now due.
    (Payment via Wrap It Up please for the above..)
  • Sausages Tuesdays and Sushi Lunches Fridays
  • you can order online for the whole term at Wrap It Up
  • Take a look at our Blogs!  www.worserbay.school.nz/blogs

Fair Actions at a Glance

  • Donations drop-off and sorting this Sunday, 18 October.
  • Remember to sell your Ball Run tickets and return stubs to the School Office.

Congratulations on the Emergency Evacuation yesterday -
school was evacuated in 15 minutes!  WOW!
(We are amending our texting system to ensure both parents are notified..)

Remember it's nearly summer - so it's SUNHAT TIME!!|

The Children's Dental Clinic are visiting Worser Bay School between 
23 November and 8 December 2015.

Assembly Dates:  Friday 30 October, 13 November and 27 November
 at 9.15 am.

Pizza for Lunch!
On Wednesday 28 October, pizzas will be available for lunch (small individual pizzas) - $5.00 each. Tomato Sauce, Cheese and Ham or Tomato Sauce and Cheese.

Please order and pay by Wrap It Up.


Come along and drop off your donations. We would also love some hands to help with sorting, pricing and transferring boxes to storage areas. If you are free to help, we would love to see you. 

Please sell and return ball run stubs as soon as you can. You can pay via Wrap It Up. If you can't sell them, PLEASE return the books to the office. If you think you can sell more tickets, please contact Olive Mulcahy at oliveandgirls@yahoo.co.nz.

DONATIONS – Keep them coming!
We have room for lots more donations so keep them coming: homewares, 'trash n treasure', clothing, baby gear, toys, games, puzzles, books and any other quality household items in good condition.

When and where: Wednesday and Friday: Times: 8.40 - 9.00 am & 2.45 - 3.15 pm, Location: The Shed, behind the Junior Block. 
If these days are difficult, please contact Vanessa on 021 356 968 to work out another time. The more donations we have, the more successful the fair will be! 

BOTTLE TOMBOLA - Help us collect 100 full bottles for the Bottle Tombola.
Bottle of what? Anything and everything - think about winning it, would you want a bottle of fine craft beer, a glorious bottle of fancy olive oil, a bottle of sensational shampoo, bubble bath or a bottle of ketchup? Please leave your Bottle Tombola donations in the yellow box in front of the office.

PARADE ON FAIR DAY – 8 NOVEMBER – Start thinking now!
The Fair is traditionally opened by a parade beginning at 10.45 am – start thinking now about how you can incorporate “Our Secret Garden” theme into your costume. There are prizes for the best dressed boy and girl.

Keep up to date on what is happening with our Fair:

Community Notices

After School Pick Up Needed

Our son is starting at Worser Bay in early November and while he is looking forward to it. Mum and Dad are still trying to figure out the logistics of it all. In particular, we need help with picking him up after school and dropping him to his in-home carer’s place in Miramar three days a week (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday). We’re looking for parents who can transport him or offer suggestions as to the solutions they use. We’re obviously happy to compensate if someone can pick him up and transport him.

Please contact julian.virtue@gmail.com if you are able to assist.

Seatoun Arts & Crafts celebrates its Annual Exhibition and Sale (16-18 October) at the Village Hall, Forres Street, Seatoun with the official opening on Friday,16 October at 7.00pm.

Worser Bay Life Saving Club has its 2015 Registration Day at 1pm on Sunday, 18 October at 251 Marine Parade, Seatoun.
New members are welcome to join us for a free barbeque, view our club rooms and equipment, learn about our surf sport and life saving activities, and meet up with friends. Free IRB rides.

For more information, please email Jenny Everett-Wells at wblscwellington@gmail.com or visit worserbaylsc.org.nz

Miramar Tennis Club - Mid Week
Friday mornings, 9:15 - 11:15 am, morning tea provided.
Our midweek section welcomes new members of all abilities - come along and have a hit for a couple of weeks. No obligation to join straight away. Bring a friend!

For more information, contact Sue Haberfield, haberae@paradise.net.nz

For the price of one can of Watties food per person, families can purchase a ticket to the movies. All cans go to the local Salvation Army to help stock their food pantries for Christmas. 

NZ Bookshop Day Meet The Authors/Illustrators

Wellington authors and illustrators, Juliette MacIver, Ruth Paul, Paul Beavis and Philip Webb, will be at a very special Storytime for the under 6s at The Children’s Bookshop, Kilbirnie Plaza at 11am on Saturday 31st of October, followed by a book signing session at 11.30am. Those attending are welcome to bring their own books for signing.

Later that day (October 31st) award-winning Wellington author, Fleur Beale (I Am Not Esther), will be at The Children’s Bookshop from 1–1.30pm to meet her readers and sign copies of her books.

Little Dribblers runs throughout the year, so get out and make the most of our (hopefully very) warm summer days by watching your little one learn to play football (ages 1-7). Term 4 2015 starts October 17th/18th and you can register at www.little-dribblers.co.nz. 
Late sign-ups are perfectly OK, so sign up anytime!

We have two venues in Wellington Central/East: Saturdays: Owhiro Bay School; and Sundays: Miramar Central School. Game times are: Under 2s: 9.40am; 2-3 years: 10am; 4-5 years: 10.30am; 6-7 years: 11am.

It costs $75 to play each term, with an optional one-off charge of $25 for a uniform (which you keep).

NB: Under 2s are free!